How Do I Comment on and Attach Files to Tasks in Asana?

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Tasks are powerful pockets of information within Asana. You can attach files, comments, dates, and use other forms of metadata to make those tasks more visible and findable. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your tasks.

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How to Comment on Tasks

Understand how to effectively comment on tasks in your project dashboard:

  1. Add a comment: Click on the comment field, type your message, then submit it by clicking the “Comment” button or use the quick keyboard shortcut “Tab+C”.
  2. Pin or Unpin a comment: Hover over the comment you’d like to pin, click the drop-down arrow, and select ‘Pin to Top’. If you want to unpin it, follow the same steps but select ‘Unpin from Top’.
  3. Edit or delete a comment: Just as before, hover over the comment, click the drop-down arrow, and select ‘Edit Comment’ or ‘Delete Comment’. Remember, you can only edit or delete your own comments.

What is the Task Activity Feed?

Task Activity Feed tracks task creation, changes in description, name adjustments, and other activities. To review the history of actions on a task, click ‘Show previous updates’.

How to Attach Files to Tasks

Learn to add important files or documents to your tasks:

  1. Attach from your computer: Click on the paperclip icon and select ‘From Computer’, or simply drag and drop the file onto the desired task.
  2. Synchronize with Google Drive: You can link Google Drive documents to your tasks and receive notifications when comments are added to Docs, Sheets, or Slides that are synced.
  3. Group text and Attachments: You can pair text and attachments in the same comment for easier reference, just attach an image or file to your comment.

Consult Asana’s comprehensive guide on task comments and attachments for a more detailed look at these functionalities here.

Utilize Asana Subtasks

  1. Viewing Subtasks: Click on the subtask count appearing next to the parent task’s description to see the list of existing subtasks.
  2. Creating Subtasks: To create a subtask, select the parent task, then use the ‘Tab+S’ keyboard shortcut, or click on ‘Add Subtask’ in the task details pane.
  3. Assigning Subtasks: Click into the assignee field on the open subtask and type the team member’s name or email.
  4. Setting Due Dates for Subtasks: Within the subtask, click into the due date field and select the date from the calendar pop-up. Refer to Asana’s guide for managing subtasks here.

Need Additional Asana Assistance?

  1. Asana Community Forum: Join the Asana Community Forum to ask questions and find answers from experts around the world. Visit the Community Forum.
  2. Asana Academy: Explore the Asana Academy for interactive online courses and quick tips videos. Visit Asana Academy.
  3. Contact Asana Support: Click the ‘Help’ button in the Asana app or visit Asana Help Center to submit a support ticket.

Remember, you have a library of resources at your disposal via Asana’s support network for step-by-step instructions, demonstrations, and more.

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