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Leverage AI to automatically and map your full SaaS stack, Shadow IT and all. Discover your SaaS universe.

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Uncover every SaaS app and expenditure, even Shadow IT, through advanced AI discovery and mapping—no device agent needed. Security, transparency, and peace of mind.

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Gain a 360° SaaS Perspective

Manage your apps effectively with detailed insights on users, usage, and expenses—all in one unified view. Trust Torii’s AI powered data engine to filter apps and separate the signal from the noise. Holistic understanding, reimagined.

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“We quickly discovered 400 could applications. This was quite a surprise as I was expecting 100 to 150. Not only that, but now we discover about 4 to 5 new apps every week with Torii.”

Dimitri Isaev Service Desk Technician
Dimitri Isaev
Service Desk Technician, Omnipresent
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“Torii discovered 300% more apps than we knew about. We had a list of 100 in our spreadsheet. Torii discovered just under 400. I knew there would be a delta, but I was surprised it was so large.

Gian Luca D'Intino-ConteDirector of IT, Lunchbox
Gian Luca D'Intino-Conte
Director of IT, Lunchbox
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“We went from tracking 65 apps to knowing that we had more than 450. Torii showed us the scale of what was going on behind the scenes.”

Salar Sahraeian, Senior Manager of IT at Article
Salar Sahraeian
Senior Manager of IT, Article

Prevent Risk Proactively

Mitigate risk and safeguard sensitive data with Shadow IT alerts, security review triggers, rich application risk profiles, and comprehensive audit logs. SaaS security in action.

Always Know: Never Guess

Get real-time adoption and risk alerts and send automatic questionnaires when a new app is adopted. App awareness amplified.

Discover how many of your apps are lurking in the shadows.​

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Hear the keynote from our CEO about about the groundbreaking update to Torii and what it means for IT management today.