The Distributed SaaS Management Platform

SaaS management is a team sport. Empower your organization with the end-to-end platform that discovers every app, reveals cost-saving insights, ensures collaboration, and automates SaaS Ops. 

The Distributed SaaS Management Platform - Torii
Most Comprehensive Discovery - Torii

The Most Comprehensive Discovery

Gain the most accurate and up-to-date view of your SaaS stack and software licenses from the largest variety of data sources.

  • Spend mapping
  • Application discovery
  • Subscription discovery

Plug and play integrations

Gain control of your applications, manage user access and audit permissions of third-party tools directly in Torii

  • Identity management
  • Enterprise platforms
  • Financial software
  • Browser extensions
Plug and play integrations - Torii
Plug and play integrations - Torii

Optimized SaaS Spend

Torii maps, tracks, and optimizes your SaaS spend by connecting to ERP, accounting, and reimbursement systems. Our spend insights, recommendations, and threshold alerts help you reduce SaaS costs

  • Spend monitoring and optimization
  • SaaS renewals and vendor management
  • License rightsizing
  • Chargeback and budget planning
Optimized SaaS spend - Torii
Compare Overlapping Apps - Torii

Compare Overlapping Apps

Rationalize and optimize every cloud application across your approved and Shadow IT portfolios

  • Compare user adoption over time across multiple applications
  • Profile security risk based on each application’s permission sets
  • Identify overlapping users between similar applications
  • Compare license cost between similar applications

Powerful and Flexible Workflows

Manage your SaaS ecosystem at scale. Torii’s fully automated and highly customizable workflows allow you to easily specify triggers and actions with any technical background.

  • License management workflows
  • Application catalog workflow
  • Contract management workflows
  • Employee lifecycle workflows
  • Security operations workflows

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