How Do I Invite Others to Join My Team on Asana?

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Asana is highly efficient project management software that aids users in organizing and structuring their work. Its versatile functionalities make it loved by many for effective teamwork, assisting teams in tracking their work and meeting their goals. 

Many users ask, “How do I invite others to join my team on Asana?” This article provides a step-by-step guide to answering this question.

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How To Invite Other Users to Asana

Inviting your team to Asana is straightforward and offers several routes to choose from. Asana has intelligently designed multiple invitation methods to ensure smooth onboarding. You can invite team members via the quick add button directly from the team’s overview page or right from your project or portfolio.

Inviting Team Members Using the Quick Add Button

The “quick add” button provides one of the easiest ways to invite your colleagues to join Asana. 

The button says “Create” and includes a plus icon. All it takes is clicking this button and selecting the ‘Invite’ option. From here, you can choose to either invite your team members using their email addresses or through a shared link.

For more detailed guidance, you can check the Asana Help Center.

To Add Team Members via the Team Overview:

  1. Access the Team Overview page.
  2. Select “Add member.”
  3. Enter the colleague’s work email.
  4. Confirm by clicking “Invite.”

To Add Members to Specific Projects or Portfolios:

  1. Within your chosen project or portfolio, locate the “Share” option in the upper-right section.
  2. Input the names or work emails of the individuals you wish to add.
  3. Execute the addition by selecting “Send.”

General Instructions:

After utilizing either method and specifying the email addresses of your teammates, Asana will send an invitation on your behalf. It’s crucial to use work email addresses for all invites to ensure seamless integration into the organizational Asana space.

Going Deeper with Asana

Creating a Project in Asana

After the members join, the next critical step is to establish your first project. Navigate to the left hand menu, click on “+ New”, then “Project”. Fill in the project name, description, and add members. You can choose between list or board style based on your preferred project view.

Breaking Down Tasks

Use Tasks in Asana to break down the project into manageable parts. Simply click on “+ Add Task”. Name the task, put a concise description, and assign a team member to it. Also, don’t forget to set a due date.

Tracking Progress

Analyze your team’s performance by tracking the progress of tasks. Click on “Progress” button to see how many tasks have been completed, are in progress, or are still not started.

Collaboration and Communication

Communicate effectively within the team using the Comment section under each task. Use @mentions to grab a teammate’s attention or ask for help.

Remember, the key to mastering Asana lies in regular use and familiarizing yourself with its features. Practice creating and managing tasks and projects until you get comfortable with the system. Refer to the Asana Guide often, as it is a comprehensive resource for any queries you may have.

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