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Get the most out of your SaaS Applications

Get the #1 platform for SaaS discovery and action: uncover Shadow IT, control SaaS sprawl, optimize spend and renewals, and automate everything.

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REPORT: The State of SaaS at Work:
Collaboration in a Distributed Workplace

In our new data report, we asked 300 IT directors, IT managers, and CIOs about how their company collaborates around cloud applications — what's working and what's not.

Introducing Torii

An entirely new platform for managing SaaS apps, Torii empowers teams to maximize the value of their SaaS applications

The old way

Before Torii

Track App Access in Spreadsheets
track app access
Waste 35%+ of SaaS spend
waste less
See Only 33% of Apps
No Shadow IT Tracking
see only
Manual Use Provisioning
manual use

The new way

With Torii

Monitor App Usage in Realtime
monitor app
Near Zero Waste
near waste
See every App
Shadow IT + Sanctioned Apps
see every
Automated Onboarding & Offboarding
automatic onboarding

Customers Speak Louder

"As a company, we work with a wide variety of apps. We needed to take better charge of the whole application stack. Torii played a huge role when our budget came around at the end of December."
João Dobbin
Manager of Business Enablement
"When Torii surfaced that there are more than 600 applications being used, it was much easier for IT to start building the right process for SaaS management."
Maarika Raudmäe
Head of Internal Tools
"Workflow because of the huge time savings, and discovery through the browser extension. Torii finds all applications automatically. No other platform has such rich Shadow IT discovery."
Bobby Abdullah
IT Projects & Governance, Gorillas
"Torii works exactly how you would want an ideal SMP to work. The data it provides is extremely accurate. You can see every SaaS tool you have, how they’re being used. It’s really helped us simplify our SaaS stack and save a lot of time and money."
Michele Chan
Hired’s Senior Manager of IT Operations
"With Torii, we could finally see every single SaaS tool we were using in the company. It enabled us to review their popularity and usage, determine which applications were redundant and which ones we could cut down."
Ron Peres
Sr. Director, Global Corporate IT & Information Systems
"When we started using Torii, it was truly the first time we’d had such clear visibility across SaaS applications. Torii gives our CFO and finance team visibility on the cost split related to SaaS."
Uria Sherman
Global IT Director for Cloudinary

Winner of various awards on G2

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