How to Save on Asana Pricing: Optimize Your Project Management Subscription

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As a leading project management tool, Asana stands tall among competitors like Trello and Basecamp, enhancing team productivity by streamlining workflows. Understanding Asana pricing, including Asana premium pricing and Asana enterprise pricing, is critical to optimizing your subscription and genuinely appreciating how much Asana costs. Whether examining the cost of Asana for business or Asana nonprofit pricing or exploring how to cancel an Asana subscription, this comprehensive guide helps you navigate Asana licensing and monthly expenses, ensuring you make the most of your Asana license.

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Understanding Asana Pricing

Asana has become a go-to solution for teams looking to streamline project management and enhance collaboration. However, understanding its pricing structure is crucial for businesses aiming to maximize the tool’s value without overspending. 

Pricing table for asana

Asana offers several pricing tiers:

  • Personal (Free): Best for individuals and small teams (up to 10 people) needing basic task and project management.
  • Starter ($10.99 per user/month billed annually, $13.49 billed monthly): Suitable for growing teams that need to manage projects with deadlines, track progress, and use basic automation tools.
  • Advanced ($24.99 per user/month billed annually, $30.49 billed monthly): Designed for teams managing multiple projects, requiring robust reporting, advanced workflow customization, and portfolio management.
  • Enterprise / Enterprise + (Custom Pricing): This option is tailored for large organizations with strict security and compliance needs. It offers enhanced security features, administrative controls, and dedicated support.

Important Notes:

  • Annual billing offers discounts compared to monthly billing.
  • Asana doesn’t offer single-user paid subscriptions.
  • Free trials are available for Starter and Advanced plans.

How to Optimize Your Asana Investment

Optimizing your Asana investment starts with selecting the right plan for your team’s needs but extends far into how you leverage its features for maximum efficiency and productivity.

  1. Tailor Asana to Your Workflow: Customize project templates, statuses, and fields to align with your team’s processes. This ensures that Asana works for you, not the other way around.
  1. Capitalize on Integrations: Connect Asana with other tools your team uses, like Slack, Google Drive, or Microsoft Teams, to streamline workflows and reduce the need to switch between applications.
  1. Train Your Team: Provide your team with the necessary training on Asana’s features and best practices. A well-informed team can fully utilize the platform’s capabilities, boosting productivity.
  1. Monitor and Adjust: Use Asana’s reporting tools to track project progress and team performance. Review this data to identify bottlenecks or underused features and adjust your strategies accordingly.
  1. Evaluate Your Plan Regularly: As your team grows and evolves, so will your Asana needs. Regularly assess whether your current plan still fits or if moving to a different tier could unlock additional value.

By understanding Asana’s pricing tiers and actively seeking ways to align the platform’s capabilities with your team’s needs, you can ensure that your investment in Asana is effective and efficient, driving your team toward greater productivity and success.

Advanced Cost-Saving Measures

If you want more sustained cost savings, you need to understand the state of your entire SaaS stack, not just one app. Learn more about how Torii, the SaaS Management Platform Built for IT, gives you a comprehensive view of all app usage—sanctioned and shadow IT.

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Use that visibility to pinpoint idle licenses for cost optimization, streamline access requests, automate onboarding and offboarding processes, and compare similar tools based on your internal spending and usage data.

torii license recomendations for asana

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Additional Considerations

Canceling Unnecessary Subscriptions

If your Asana subscription is no longer helpful, follow a simple withdrawal guide to avoid incurring unnecessary costs. Understand your Asana pricing plan and ensure you’re not paying for what isn’t needed.

Impact of Redundant Tools

Businesses should assess their tech suite to avoid redundant project management apps. Tools like Torii enable organizations to compare Asana costs with similar apps based on pricing, usage, overlapping users, and trends. This includes gauging Asana premium pricing, Asana enterprise pricing, and even Asana nonprofit pricing.

Are you contemplating how much Asana costs? Consider your usage, and remember, the ability to cancel your Asana license or subscription if it’s not providing value is available as part of Asana pricing plans. Whether it’s Asana business pricing or Asana license cost, prudence lies in active subscription management.


In conclusion, intelligent management of your Asana subscription can result in significant savings. Optimize your license usage by automating with the Torii SaaS Management Platform. Explore the power of an integrated solution and start saving today with Torii. Take charge of your Asana subscription costs now!

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