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Why Torii is The Best Zluri Alternative

Side-By-Side Comparison

App Discovery & Mapping
Agentless Discovery
Customized Mapping Rules
Percent of Deep Integrations (Sync License Data)
Custom Integrations
Real-Time Alerts & Insights
Trigger Workflows From ITSMs
AI Slack Assistant
Reliant on 3rd Party Tools
Real-time Offboarding
Scheduled Onboarding & Offboarding (select days/times)
Slack Approvals
Custom Workflows
Canvas Workflow Builder
Unlimited Branching
Scheduled Workflow Triggers
AI-Powered Recommendations
AI Contract Ingestion & Parsing
Expense Matching Rules
Renewal Management
Developer Community
Robust API
Plugin Marketplace

The Numbers Don't Lie

Discover Why IT Pros Choose Torii Over Competitors

Lunchbox Discovers 4X More SaaS Apps, Saves $430K in Licenses - Torii

“Anywhere I go, any job I take, they’re likely going to hear me say ‘I need Torii’ because it’s part of my core observability and SaaS management practices. It would be challenging for me to work as efficiently without Torii.”

Gian Luca D'Intino-ConteDirector of IT, Lunchbox
Gian Luca D'Intino-Conte
Director of IT, Lunchbox
Sennder logo - Torii

“Torii gives us a central source of truth for all things SaaS. Now, we have control over our apps and expenses. I fully recommend Torii for its great SaaS detection, time-saving workflows, and comprehensive cost-savings.”

Joshua James, IT Operations Expert, sennder France - Torii
Joshua James
IT Operations Expert, sennder
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“If you have 10+ SaaS apps in your organization and are spending too much time managing them, it’s definitely worth getting Torii. Torii is more than just a SaaS Management tool— it has endless opportunities.

Salar Sahraeian
Senior Manager of IT, Article

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*Disclaimer: This page is based on Zluri’s publicly provided information. This page is meant to provide a high-level overview of how Torii compares to SMP competitors and why IT Pros choose Torii as the #1 Zluri alternative. 

* Download G2’s latest SaaS Spend and Operations Management reports here to learn more about how Torii compares to competitors and why IT pros choose Torii as the #1 Zluri alternative.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

  •  What third party resources can I use to learn about SaaS management platforms (SMPs) and compare SMP competitors?
    • Gartner’s SaaS Management Market Guide, and G2’s SaaS Spend Management and SaaS Operation Management reports offer unbiased and comprehensive overviews of each SaaS management provider. G2’s reports also allow you to compare SMP competitors’ customer satisfaction ratings and specific platform capabilities such as discovery, spend optimization, and more, side-by-side. Download your free copy of G2’s latest SaaS Spend and Operations Management reports here.

  • Why does Torii claim they are the best Zluri alternative?
    • At Torii, we understand that SaaS management must start with establishing an always up-to-date and accurate SaaS source of truth (SSOT) in order to effectively realize continuous cost-savings, SaaS automations, and risk reduction.  Additionally, we understand IT pros must be able to gain this SSOT with little to no burden, having their SaaS management platform work for them, not the other way around. For these reasons, unlike other SMP competitors, Torii has heavily invested in providing the most accurate data and comprehensive discovery on the market. Our AI discovery & mapping algorithm, plus our 170+ deep integrations, ensures  IT pros have all of their SaaS data in one, reliable, actionable, and intuitive platform. Torii’s commitment to data accuracy creates the strong foundation needed for managing the SaaS lifecycle, enabling IT pros to effectively leverage Torii’s advanced automations, cost-saving insights, risk profiles, AI capabilities, and more without worry about  data oversights and/or inaccuracies. In short, Torii focuses on the value of our capabilities, not just quantity, understanding all SMP features must be thoroughly  tested and built upon an accurate SSOT to truly realize a company’s SaaS goals. Finally, Torii’s fully open platform allows companies to tailor-fit Torii to their evolving SaaS needs, never growing out of their SMP investment.
    • For an in-depth look at why Torii is the best Zluri alternative, please refer to the Torii Vs Zluri side-by-side comparison chart above. 

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