Optimize SaaS Spending with Intelligent Oversight

Only pay for what you need with AI-powered insights, cost-saving recommendations, and custom built workflows.

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Unmask Every SaaS Expense

Get notified of new SaaS expenditures. Break down costs by department, application, users, and more with automated chargebacks. Unlock true financial visibility for the first time.

Eradicate Wasted Spend

Utilize cost-saving workflows to right-size your tech stack. Automatically recover unused licenses, shut down abandoned apps, and downgrade underutilized licenses. License management that saves.

Renew With Confidence

Purchase what you need without overpaying. Be negotiation-ready with all your contract data, benchmarks, and cost-saving recommendations in one place. Smart spending you can trust.

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“Torii helps us understand our tech stack and license utilization. We make better business decisions on how to consolidate and eliminate tech and cut costs. It saves us a lot of guesswork.”

Michele Chan, Hired’s Senior Manager of IT Operations - Torii
Michele Chan
Senior Manager of IT Ops, Hired
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“Torii helped us rationalize our apps by identifying redundant tools and comparing usage. Right away, we saved thousands of every month.”

Bobby Abdullah - Special Projects IT & Governance at Gorillas
Bobby Abdullah
IT Projects & Governance, Gorillas
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“Torii was core to us being able to centralize all information relating to our SaaS contracts, costs, and usage. With Torii, we were able to get everyone on the same page.” 

João Dobbin, Senior Manager of Business Operations - Torii
João Dobbin
Senior Manager of Business Ops, Rock Content

Consolidate Redundant Tech

Boost productivity and cut costs with recommended comparisons of your similar cloud apps. Make informed choices via side-by-side evaluations, including costs, usage trends, and contract details. Insights, redefined.

Construct Your SaaS Strategy

Plan your SaaS stack with confidence based on unified insights. Integrate contract, usage, and financial data for actionable cost-saving insights. SaaS strategy, transformed.

Three Reasons Why SaaS Spend Management Feels Impossible

Analyze SaaS Costs

Obtain a comprehensive view of monthly and yearly spend, broken down by department, application, and user. Anticipate upcoming needs, set license threshold alerts, and plan your SaaS stack accordingly. Finally, financial clarity.

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