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The future is automated

Innovators choose Torii to automate their IT operations

Payoneer gains clarity over SaaS apps used by 2,000+ staff with Torii

Payoneer became one of the first adopters of a new category of SaaS Management tools having deployed Torii in 2016.

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Cloudinary saves time and drives team productivity with Torii

Cloudinary is a cloud-based digital media management platform that helps users more easily create, manage and deliver media assets across any browser, device and bandwidth -- at scale.

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Rock Content saves more than $1 million

Using Torii, Rock Content rationalized their SaaS applications usage, saved more than a million dollars and reduced IT hours by 75%

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600 apps surfaced on Day 1

For Pipedrive, employee offboarding used to be a manual process. IT had to reach out to app owners individually and ensure each account is actually closed. Working with Torii, offboarding is now on the way to becoming a fully automated process

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If your team or company manages massive SaaS footprint and is looking to get into true SaaS ops, check out Torii - I highly recommend them!

Jay Vlavianos, IT Manager, Twitch

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AppsFlyer changes future software use worldwide with Torii

Prior to Torii, AppsFlyer could not put a precise number or a cost to what tools it was using. In the first months, the company saved thousands of dollars by rationalizing software spend and usage. And Torii has become a foundation for annual software budget planning

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It’s one of the best SaaS experiences I’ve had.

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A solid platform to monitor all the other platforms.

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The ease of setup was one of the best things about it.

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400% ROI On SaaS spend

Prior to using Torii, when IT was asked about a certain app or service, it would take hours to locate the proper information and respond. Today, it takes minutes to grant new licenses and assign new app owners

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Easy of use
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Customer service
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We work in a high turnover industry so new SaaS apps are always being introduced and offboarding is a pain point. Torii simplifies both of those processes for us. It gives us great insights into what our users are doing with other SaaS services, fantastic offboarding process, insanely easy to set up and use, and great support team

Bob Bolin
IT Manager, I Am Boundless

Shedding light on Shadow IT

When an employee wants to use a certain tool, monday.com will do anything in its power to make the tool implementation process as smooth as possible. Now, the company can do it with a complete peace of mind

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