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To help modern IT drive their business forward by making the best use of SaaS

Torii was founded to address the needs of Modern IT - Torii

Torii was founded to address the needs of Modern IT

With the rapidly growing number of SaaS solutions on the market every day, and access to those SaaS apps just a click away, managing today’s modern IT becomes an even bigger challenge. SaaS adoption is a positive trend. It allows people throughout the organization to adapt technology and drive the business forward. Yet, this results in decentralized IT – today more than ever.

Our leadership team

Uri Haramati


Uri Haramati is a seasoned product manager with over a decade of business knowledge and experience in diverse capacities. A serial entrepreneur, Uri founded Life on Air (Meerkat, Houseparty), which is used by millions of users worldwide, holding the position of Head of Product and managing company operations. Previously, Uri founded Skedook, an event discovery app, and served as a senior consultant at Deloitte.

Uri Nativ


Uri Nativ has over 19 years of software engineering experience as both an engineer and a hands-on manager. He founded the Klarna Engineering center in Tel-Aviv, holding the position of VP Engineering & Site Manager. Uri has broad experience building B2B enterprise products from his days at VMWare, EMC, nLayers, and Sanctum.

Tal Bereznitskey


Tal Bereznitskey is an experienced software developer and architect with over 13 years serving in various technical and managerial roles. Prior to joining Torii, Tal held the VP R&D role at Bizzabo, leading the engineering team from its initial mobile offering through the transition to an award-winning SaaS platform. Tal cultivated his passion for building secure products while working on Check Point flagship products.

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