Key Points:

  • Torii’s Advanced Data Engine ingests and normalizes data from all of your SaaS apps
  • Once normalized, the data engine creates a real-time map of your company’s SaaS—revealing hidden insights, connecting the dots about apps and users, and unifying processes between different systems
  • This data is continuously synced within Torii—your SaaS system of record
  • With that processed data, Torii allows you to:

Data is everywhere. Little bits and bytes whizzing around in cyberspace. Your company is spewing out tons of data. But sadly, much of it is scattered, unusable, or just gone.

Think of it like music. Striking a piano key isn’t enough. That note, lovely as it might be, must be woven into a melody to become a song.

In the same vein, merely having data won’t cut it. It has to be turned into information—just as individual notes create a melody. That information, with its context, allows actionable insights with which you can take action. Your SaaS stack is like a bunch of discordant notes waiting to be shaped into a symphony.

But, the difficulty lies in converting data to information.

That difficulty, especially with SaaS data, is that it comes from multiple sources with multiple schemas and structures. Those inconsistencies make it impossible to get a holistic picture of your SaaS without some processing.

Torii’s Advanced Data Engine

The Advanced Data Engine is your secret ally, saving your precious resources like time, energy, and focus.

Sure, it also saves a bunch of money for companies. But it does this by delivering better insights and no-code automation. That automation ensures consistent results, thereby freeing up your time to capitalize on these savings.

Lots of products promise savings, but only a few give you the time to make it happen.

For instance, you’re likely swamped with endless small tasks related to cloud apps. As useful as these apps are, they bring along a flurry of tasks; onboarding, streamlining, securing, right-sizing, offboarding, and integrating.

Tiring, right?

Add shadow IT into the mix, and it gets messier. The more end-users go freestyle with downloading and integrating apps, the bigger the workload gets behind the scenes.

That’s where Torii steps in. Its unique approach to data gets you back on track. No more rushing between different admin views – Torii’s Advanced Data Engine pulls the data into a central SaaS System of Record, offers insights, and automates tasks to boost consistency, reduce risk, and save money.

Here’s what a real Torii customer had to say:

Patrick F.


Patrick F.


(> 1000 emp.)



“I would say a big problem that Torii solves, and a big benefit to me, is taking on the admin burden. By that I mean managing user access, license assignments, and contract renewals for numerous SaaS applications can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Torii automates administrative tasks associated with SaaS management. … This automation reduces the administrative burden, minimizes manual errors, and frees up time for IT and administrative teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.”

Read full review on G2


How The Advanced Data Engine Works

That sounds great, but how does it actually work?

Torii’s Advanced Data Engine has a three-step process:

  1. It ingests data from all your apps—sanctioned or not—sourced from direct integrations, SSOs, or even Torii’s browser extension. This includes costs, usage trends, user info, integration exposure, and more.
  2. The engine then smooths out and standardizes this data into a unified schema. Imagine you’re downloading a CSV from each app, lining up the columns, removing duplicate data, and matching related data from different sources. Now, think of the engine doing all this for you. Once your data is streamlined, it’s actually useful to you and your system.
  3. Finally, from within the SaaS System of Record, the engine connects the dots, creating a network of profiles, complete with associations and metadata. Basically, it starts to “get” things like which employees use which apps, their titles, their activity levels on different tools, and so on. It also links usage trends, spending habits, and other data points to different license seats and apps.

What Can I Do with Processed Data?

There are four major ways in which you experience the benefits of this processed data.

  • Personalization Tokens
  • Automation Engine/Workflows
  • Intelligent Insights 
  • Cost-Saving Recommendations

We’ll go over each one in brief.

What are Personalization Tokens?

Picture personalization tokens as smart variables that adapt based on conditions, usually within a workflow.

If you’ve ever received a newsletter with your name on it, that’s a basic example of a personalization token (and if you haven’t… how?).

In this case, the CRM links your name with your email to auto-customize the variable it sends. But this old-school method is limited and is inaccurate with out-of-date contacts.

Enter Torii’s personalization tokens. They’re dynamic and always current. Employee got a promotion or switched departments? The token adjusts accordingly. You pick where to pull this info from—maybe Okta, BambooHR, or Google Workspace.

And it’s not just about employees. Tokens can also cover apps and contract info like due dates, payment terms, subscription costs, app owners, and more.


These tokens then come into play in workflows. When a workflow gets triggered, the values adapt based on the action and user they’re applied to. It’s super handy when a workflow involves an email, a Jira ticket, or a Slack message. Instead of a generic alert, you can tailor the message to the recipient, cutting out any unnecessary back and forth.

Automation with No-Code Workflows

Torii’s no-code workflow builder lets you start with a template or start from scratch to create workflows that automate your critical tasks like onboarding, offboarding, ticket creation, shadow IT discovery processes, and more.

Since the Advanced Data Engine incorporates so many different sources of data, you can create workflows with multiple steps involving multiple applications, based on multiple types of triggers.

Torii workflows use nine different triggers based on criteria related to users, applications, contracts, and license counts. Learn more about the nine different triggers.

If you’d like to hear real user stories, check out how ProductBoard used workflows to;

  • Save 2000 hours on SaaS management tasks per year
  • Eliminate 1.5 hours of manual onboarding per hire with zero-touch automation
  • Continuously discover 5-10 shadow IT apps per month

Intelligent Insights

When it comes to SaaS Management Platforms, visibility is key.

The Advanced Data Engine converts your data into actionable insights based on users, expenses, applications, and contracts. This way, you get a holistic, cross-app view of your SaaS trends, costs, and usage.

This visibility lets you finally answer those simple questions: Are these apps actually being used? What’s the cost? Is it really worth it?

Plus, catching those sneaky, newly-emerging shadow IT apps is important.

In Torii,  you can get a bird’s eye view from the Insights Dashboard, or dive deep to see how individual apps are being used, what the license utilization rates are, and how much they’re costing.

Even better, you can put similar apps head to head with our application comparison tool based on their app category and key capabilities. Having all this data at your fingertips simplifies tough calls on tool consolidation.

Cost-Saving Recommendations

Sometimes, you just want a quick win.

Torii gives you that with our one-click cost-saving recommendations.

The Advanced Data Engine analyzes your usage rates and costs to surface fast savings on your most expensive applications like Zoom or Salesforce. Whether it’s reclaiming a former employee’s license or downgrading a Zoom user who never hosts meetings, the Recommendations Engine quickly flags savings in your priciest apps.


With these quick wins, you get instant ROI on your Torii investment and a great way to show immediate impact on the bottom line.

Check out how Omnipresent saved:  

  • 15% on Microsoft 365
  • Tens of thousands of euros on Zoom licenses
  • 80% of their time onboarding new hires

Tackle Data with Torii

Your data can either remain scattered or contribute to your success.

With Torii, you transform those bits and bytes into automation, insights, and opportunities to excel. Protect your focus, reduce busy work, and save money in the process.

Want to learn more? Request a demo and find out how Torii can help.