Did you know:

  • Most organizations waste 35% of their SaaS application license costs on duplicate or unused seats
    Source: ITAM review
  • While most IT teams think they have 30-40 cloud apps in use, the real number is often closer to 1,000 apps – 80% of which are non-sanctioned, have not been reviewed and may not be compliant with security policies
    Source: Microsoft

This is precisely why today, we’ve released Torii’s SaaS Application Comparison – the easiest way to compare, rationalize and optimize every single cloud application across your approved and Shadow IT portfolio.


Application Comparison automatically brings together dozens of data points across your sanctioned and Shadow IT SaaS applications, helping you answer hard questions like:

  • Are similar SaaS apps being adopted in parallel?
  • Which apps are dropping in adoption and which are gaining popularity?
  • Which apps have overlapping users?
  • Where can we downsize licenses due to similar apps in use?
  • Which apps potentially pose a higher security risk due to data permissions?
  • Can one application be replaced with another?
  • Where should we invest in and why?

Until now, these questions were nearly impossible to answer – every one of the 100s of SaaS applications most IT teams have in their portfolio has its own user interface, activity reporting capabilities, onboarding and offboarding processes – which make it cumbersome or downright impossible to make meaningful comparisons between them.

With the rapid adoption of cloud applications over the past 5 years, IT teams need to rationalize and understand the true Return on Investment (ROI) or their SaaS application portfolio now more than ever. SaaS Application Comparison automatically creates comparison reports to help you rationalize your SaaS investments based on category, overlapping users, cost, risk and other key dimensions. It also allows you to build custom comparisons, to quickly identify overlapping users between apps and to take immediate actions on those users and applications. Deep integrations with compared apps allow you to make smarter SaaS investment decisions, faster.

To find out more about SaaS Application Comparison and see Torii’s platform in action, reach out today and schedule a demo.

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