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Curious about SaaS Management in 2023? Check out this Buyer’s Guide to get the latest insight into the increasingly fragmented SMP market. 

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Lunchbox Discovers 4X More SaaS Apps, Saves $430K in Licenses - Torii

“Anywhere I go, any job I take, they’re likely going to hear me say ‘I need Torii’ because it’s part of my core observability and SaaS management practices. It would be challenging for me to work as efficiently without Torii.”

Gian Luca D'Intino-ConteDirector of IT, Lunchbox
Gian Luca D'Intino-Conte
Director of IT, Lunchbox
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“Torii’s workflows are great. They allow me to automate my daily tasks and save a lot of time, not to mention helping me have a better work/life balance.”

Dimitri Isaev Service Desk Technician
Dimitri Isaev
Service Desk Technician, Omnipresent
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“If you have 10+ SaaS apps in your organization and are spending too much time managing them, it’s definitely worth getting Torii. Torii is more than just a SaaS Management tool— it has endless opportunities.

Salar Sahraeian
Senior Manager of IT, Article

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