Sick of platforms that aren’t really platforms? With Torii, you get a SaaS Management Platform that lets you connect with external systems, pull critical insights, and build new capabilities. 

Note: New Release
We just released a major update to our Platform. Check out how you can access third-party plugins and join a thriving developer community. Learn more in our Master Class Series. 

Plugin Marketplace and Plugin Widgets

Torii’s Plugin Marketplace revolutionizes SaaS management by centralizing insights from your external systems, including initial offerings like Ramp, Panorays, and Jamf. The ability to send Audit Logs via email is also available immediately. But the marketplace isn’t static. Rather, it’s designed to evolve with your help. As it grows, developers l can build, install, and share custom plugins through the marketplace. Best of all, you can view data from these plugins directly within Torii, erasing the need to switch between multiple tools. Pair this with Torii’s Open Platform, and you have a SaaS management environment that’s as flexible as you need it to be. 

Mold the future of your SaaS operations in a way that propels your organization forward:

  • Unified Insights: Directly pull data from specialized tools like Ramp, Panorays, and Jamf into Torii, viewing them as integrated widgets for a consolidated perspective. 
  • Plug and Play: Adding a new plugin is as simple as selecting it from the Plugin Marketplace. The data from the added tool will automatically be integrated into Torii.
  • Expandable Ecosystem: The open architecture allows you to build your own custom plugins or use those designed by our developer community, allowing you to tailor Torii to your evolving needs.
  • Inform Your Workflows: Take fast action based on insights by creating workflows in Torii. 

Developer Community

We’re doubling down on our commitment to an open platform by creating a developer community. The community includes guides, recipes, API explorer, discussion forums, and documentation to help you build, share, and benefit alongside others. 

  • Build the Future of SaaS Management: Do you have strong opinions and a penchant for building? Torii’s developer community offers all the tools to tailor your IT experience within the Torii platform and build upon it.  
  • Unparalleled API Access: Make real-time API calls to Torii and see request and response data immediately. Check out our API documentation and generate code samples in different programming languages for each API endpoint. 
  • Join a Quality IT Community: Find a group of like-minded pros, developers, and Torii SMEs. Collaborate, test, iterate, and share innovative ideas within the discussion forums. 

Cover Your SaaS with Torii’s Open Platform

SaaS is ever-evolving, and as your needs and use cases evolve, trust the only SaaS Management Platform that lets you build and adapt. With Torii, you get a Platform, not another closed system. 

Transform your relationship with SaaS and join a growing community of experts building the future of SaaS Management. 

Ready to cut costs, reduce risk, and drive consistent outcomes? Request a free trial of Torii to see for yourself.