Torii’s Automation Center lets you bypass complex UI, steep learning curves, and fragile workflows so you can get up and automated fast. Check out the latest features. 

Note: New Automation Release
We just announced a major update to our Automation Center. Get the full picture with our Master Class Series. 

Canvas UI: Automation Visualization

If a picture says a thousand words, a flowchart says a million and now that powerful visualization is at the heart of Torii’s Automation Center. 

The Canvas UI isn’t just a feature; it’s a revolution in how you engage with SaaS automation. With Torii’s Canvas UI, visualize and design your workflows in a comprehensive, clear, and cohesive manner. Each step and action is visually represented, ensuring that you don’t merely set up a workflow; you understand it.

  • Intuitive User Experience: No more fumbling through intricate settings or endless dropdowns. The Canvas UI simplifies the process, ensuring that your workflow designs are as intuitive as your thoughts.    
  • Streamlined Workflow Editing and Revision: With the entire workflow in sight, making changes or tweaking processes becomes a breeze. No second-guessing, just seamless adjustments in real time.

By transforming abstract automation ideas into visible and manageable entities, the Canvas UI reaffirms Torii’s commitment to bridging the divide between aspiration and realization in the world of IT automation.

Branching: Intelligent Workflows Tailored to Your Needs

You operate using a series of if/then statements. *If* it’s raining, *then* I’ll grab an umbrella (or just sprint to the car). Now, that same basic logic is available in your workflows thanks to Branching within Torii’s Automation Center. 

  • Unlimited Nested Conditions: The ability to craft workflows with limitless nested conditions means you’re not confined by any constraints. The complexity of a task shouldn’t deter its automation.
  • Consolidation and Organization: Instead of juggling a myriad of disjointed workflows, Torii’s Branching allows for a fusion of multiple processes into a few organized and easily searchable ones. This declutters the workspace and elevates IT’s ability to better manage existing automation.

The beauty of Branching lies not just in its advanced capabilities but in the clarity and control it brings to IT managers. In a realm where every microsecond counts, being able to fine-tune workflows to exact specifications is not just beneficial; it’s transformative.

Scheduling: Harnessing the Power of Time in Automation

Time waits for no one and neither do you. Torii’s Scheduling feature ensures that you can cheat time—just a little. Strategically deploying workflows aligned with the time-sensitive tasks of onboarding and offboarding—this is where precision meets performance.

  • Adaptable Timezones: Whether your team spans one timezone or straddles the globe, Scheduling adjusts to individual employee timezones, ensuring that tasks are triggered exactly when they’re meant to be.
  • Collaboration and Strategy: By synchronizing onboarding and offboarding workflows with your HRIS system, IT professionals aren’t just executing tasks—they’re planning and collaborating. 

With Torii’s Scheduling, you’re not just managing tasks; you’re orchestrating critical operations. The future of proactive SaaS management is here, and it’s always on time.

Wait Action: Execute Workflows With Precisions

Add a “wait action” step to your workflow anytime you want to pause. Choose any length of time from one hour to however many days you need. This innovative capability ensures actions within a workflow can be scheduled within specific time intervals to provide more flexibility within your SaaS Operations.

  • Precision Offboarding: enables a smooth transition of employee offboarding by suspending users, transferring files, and eventually deleting accounts after a set period.
  • Ensure Work is Complete: Use the “Wait Action” to confirm prior steps were taken all within the same workflow. Combine with workflow branching to take different actions based on whether or not those steps were completed.

Real-Time Event Triggers for Immediate Responses

Torii’s real-time event triggers are a game-changer in HR automation tech, eliminating delays in your offboarding workflows. The moment an employee leaves the company, the system kicks into gear, automatically initiating offboarding processes. This immediate action isn’t just about convenience; it’s also a proactive security measure, ensuring that former employees lose access to sensitive apps and data instantly.

  • Automated, Immediate Offboarding: No more manual triggers or waiting periods. Real-time event triggers initiate offboarding workflows as soon as an employee exits, giving IT teams peace of mind and freeing up their bandwidth.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: Instant offboarding isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about security. By removing access to company apps and data in real time, you close potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Slack Approvals: License Management Made Simple

Torii’s new feature elevates Slack to more than just a communication app—it’s now a tool for real-time SaaS management. IT managers can instantly approve or deny access requests to apps directly within Slack, streamlining the administrative process. Additionally, automated workflows in Slack message users with idle app licenses, enabling effortless license reclamation and optimization.

  • Streamlined Decision-making: Say goodbye to the back-and-forths across multiple platforms. Approve or reject access requests within the familiar environment of Slack, making IT governance more agile and efficient.
  • Save Costs With Automated License Management: Automated Slack workflows proactively reach out to users with idle licenses, offering you a fast and effective way to reclaim and repurpose software seats, saving both time and budget.

External API Triggers: Connecting Your Systems

Your SaaS stack shouldn’t feel like a maze or a Rube Goldberg machine. Torii’s External API Triggers allow you to connect the systems that matter so you can centralize your processes within a single SaaS Management Platform. By seamlessly connecting to external ITSM systems, Torii transcends its own boundaries so you can too.

  • Seamless Integration: Whether it’s Jira, Freshdesk, Zapier, or other ITSM giants, Torii’s External API Triggers ensure that different platforms aren’t just talking—they’re actively collaborating.    
  • A Single Source of Truth: With Torii at the helm, IT professionals have a consolidated, central hub for SaaS data, insights, and actions. The patchwork of multiple platforms is transformed into a cohesive tapestry of actionable intelligence.
  • Expanding Workflow Capabilities: Use external systems to trigger your Torii workflows to do more, all from one central location. 

External API Triggers aren’t just about integration; they’re about diverse systems, driving insights and efficiencies. Torii’s Automation Center breaks silos and unifies your SaaS Management Efforts.

Workflow Tags and Views

Workflows are a crucial part of SaaS management, and as your organization grows, so will the amount and kind of workflows you’ll need. But like the photos from your summer vacation, too much of a good thing can create an overwhelming library. While Torii can’t sort through your photos, it can tag and sort your workflows, making organizing and finding your automations a breeze. Simply categorize your workflows by use case and/or any other custom attribute for easy navigation. 

  • Intuitive Workflow Management: Ease of use matters. From Torii’s canvas workflow builder to our tags and views, we’re committed to streamlining IT professionals’ processes as much as possible. This means making every facet of our platform intuitive and easy-to-use. Now, instead of scrolling through dozens of workflows, simply filter by use case or any custom attribute to quickly find the automation you need.     
  • Pre-Built and Custom Tags: Torii offers six out-of-the-box workflow tags that align with common SaaS management use cases, including onboarding, offboarding, and license management. Customers can also create custom tags tailored to their organization’s specific needs, using them alongside Torii’s pre-built options or on their own. Use as many tags as you want to organize your workflows.

Cover Your SaaS with Automation

IT automation is ever-evolving. As AI-powered tools like Torii emerge, they provide more cohesive and intuitive ways to automate your toughest tasks so you get consistent results in an easy-to-use system. 

But this is also about transforming your relationship with SaaS. As you harness the capabilities of Scheduling, Branched Workflows, and External API Triggers, you stop reacting to the demands of today and proactively shape your work going forward. 

Ready to cut costs, reduce risk, and drive consistent outcomes? Request a free trial of Torii to see for yourself.