We are thrilled to bring you the new and improved License Page 🚀 where you can now enjoy a high-resolution, elaborate breakdown view of all your applications by license tier, product type and level of utilization.

Here’s how it works

On the new License Page, you can easily get the big picture of your applications utilization – knowing what applications your users are signed up for, how many licenses have been purchased and assigned at any given moment and how many licenses are wasted – all clearly spelled out on the main dashboard.

Licenses breakdown - Zoom and Atlassian

You can then dive into the breakdown of each application and see the different tiers of licenses, either by various plans or packages – free licenses, paid, pro/admin type of licenses etc.; or by a breakdown of products that are tagged under one product umbrella such as Adobe products, Atlasssian and JetBrains.

As Torii always does, every level of the license breakdown is augmented with Torii’s information on license utilization.

Jetbrains liceses

The new License Page gets you an unfiltered view of your SaaS utilization like never before

With this extended visibility into your specific SaaS licenses breakdown, you are no longer in the dark when it comes to your license utilization.

Just by looking at the new License Page, you can quickly:

  1. Pinpoint the unused solutions and services and remove them from your tech stack
  2. Identify the unused licenses and remove them – and most probably, hone in on any incomplete offboarding process while you’re at it
  3. Get a clear picture of how many un-assigned licenses you have for each service or solution
Jetbrains licenses with utilization

No more blind spots – know the true structure of your SaaS tech stack

Armed with accurate, real time information, easily displayed on a single dashboard, you are back in control of your tech stack.

If you are asked to provide additional user licenses, you can now tell exactly how many unused licenses of the specific software you already have – all within Torii. No need to search for credentials, access the specified application and find your way around to the billing or admin area.

Needless to say, the new License Page supports all existing apps integrations.

4. app catalog

At the end of the day, you are better equipped to:

  • Eliminate licenses of employees that have left the organization but were never fully removed from your systems and thus may still have access to your corporate assets – your Security team will surely appreciate it!
  • Quickly identify areas for savings on software licenses and provide a detailed up-to-date report of any solution utilization, with whatever license breakdown they need – to the delight of your finance team.
  • Proactively report on the detailed license utilization prior to a solution renewal date, to allow your procurement team to adjust the solution package they purchase to the organizational needs.

Want to see how Torii’s SaaS Management can save you time and help you better manage your cloud-software stack?

And if you’re a Torii customer, I have good news:
You already have access to this new and improved License Page.