Cloud applications are not just tools; they are our workspace. However, IT departments often lack the insights to manage this SaaS-based workspace. Questions like “Who is using which app, how frequently, for what purposes, and at what cost?” lack straightforward answers.

At Torii, we recognize that effective management begins with transparency. Our platform is meticulously crafted to be data-driven, mirroring our users’ priorities. While process enhancement, artificial intelligence, and automation are all exciting methods for scaling IT operations, their success hinges on the integrity of the underlying data.

To help add clarity and insight, we’re excited to release the first in our series of Quarterly Benchmark Reports, offering a glimpse into how some of the most forward-thinking organizations navigate the complexities of SaaS usage. I hope you find this report helpful in your journey.

Uri Haramati - CEO & Co-founder, Torii
Uri Haramati

Portfolio Size

Average number of applications in a company’s ecosystem in Q1: 2024

Key insights

High count: Torii’s AI-powered discovery engine uncovers apps that other methods miss, resulting in a shockingly high total application count.

Startups lean In: Today’s startups rely heavily on the power of SaaS to punch above their weight. Despite being less than 2% of an enterprise org’s headcount, startups will use 28% of the cloud applications.


Total Unique Apps Used in Q1: 2024

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