IT pros empower app owners as SaaS managers, delegate and monitor key tasks, and drive cross-team actions and accountability

New York, NY – February 1, 2023 Torii, creator of the world’s only Distributed SaaS Management Platform (SMP), today announced advances that make it easier than ever to manage cloud apps and reduce spend in the digital workplace. Now, IT pros can empower employees throughout the company as app owners and co-managers, easily delegate and monitor key tasks, and drive the speed, collaboration, and transparency needed in today’s dynamic business climate. With its newest capabilities, Torii has turned SaaS management into a team sport.

“Every company has distributed SaaS ownership, whether they realize it or not. But they don’t have a way to manage it. Employees are adding cloud apps at unprecedented rates, and thanks to continual changes in apps, users, usage, and costs, IT teams can’t keep up. They need employees who now “own” the apps they subscribed to, and players in procurement, security, and finance, to participate,” said Uri Haramati, CEO of Torii. “IT must empower all stakeholders with the right data, insights, automation, and actions to cut spend, boost efficiencies, and do more with less. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce Torii’s enhanced SMP – it’s the only end-to-end solution with the advanced capabilities and accountability that make distributed SaaS management truly possible.

According to Gartner, SaaS spend continues to grow by 15-20% annually, with organizations having over 125 different SaaS applications, costing them on average $1,040 per employee annually. IT is typically  aware of only a third of these apps due to decentralized ownership and sourcing.

Only Torii enables distributed SaaS management by empowering customers with real-time app discovery; unified, actionable insight; robust collaboration; automation; and ROI optimization capabilities.

Torii’s latest innovations extend these capabilities by offering a dedicated experience for application owners, deep integration with ticketing systems, an advanced data engine, and extended cost-saving recommendations.

Empower App Owners to Manage SaaS

Torii’s new App Owner role raises the bar for effective SaaS management by making it easy for people who own apps to manage them. IT teams can give app owners full, real-time visibility into their app’s usage, license utilization, and financial aspects. Equally important, owners can take actions regarding users, licenses, and contracts from within Torii.

This app owner role sets a new standard in SaaS management best practice. When combined with Torii’s existing procurement and IT admin roles, it enables a truly collaborative and empowered team with IT at the helm.

“It’s not possible for our lean IT team to effectively manage Smallpdf’s hundreds of apps. With Torii, we don’t have to,” said Stefan Rašić, IT Operations Specialist, Smallpdf. “It’s easy to delegate end-to-end SaaS management responsibilities to app owners so they can do everything from managing licenses and user access to uploading contracts and deciding whether to renew and at what cost. And because we trust the data that lives within Torii, everyone feels confident relying on it to take the best actions.”

Drive Collaboration and Accountability

  • Ticketing management: Give IT teams oversight while reducing their burden. Deep integration with tools such as Jira, ServiceNow, Freshservice, Asana and Monday allows IT admins to easily assign SaaS management tasks to stakeholders through an organizational task management platform. This creates visibility for all the stakeholders involved and makes the tasks easy to monitor.

For instance, without leaving Torii, IT can delegate offboarding tasks via Jira and have complete visibility over their progress. Torii monitors the Jira issues created and automatically marks users as offboarded based on ticket status updates. This provides the transparency and accountability they need to effectively oversee SaaS management.

  • Flexible app catalog: Customers have the flexibility to create custom automations for individual app access requests. For example, a user may choose to automatically provide access, send surveys to determine why an employee wants access, or contact the employee’s manager, upon access request via Slack or email.
  • Advanced Data Engine: Torii ingests scattered and unorganized data from every app. It then automatically unifies and standardizes this data into personalization tokens, which serve as building blocks for complex automation. This makes it easy to gain faster and better insights, create hyper custom workflows, and nuanced communications at scale.

Enhance Cost Optimization: Torii pays for itself, and more

Torii customers routinely save hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars with distributed license management, app rationalization, and renewal management – enabling Torii to quickly pay for itself and continue delivering significant, ongoing savings.

The latest capabilities that make this even easier for IT, procurement, finance, and app owners include:

  • Cost-saving license recommendations that are automatically surfaced for apps including Salesforce, Zoom, Calendy, and Asana
  • License cost benchmarks so users can compare the price they’re paying per license to what similar companies pay   
  • Showbacks, or chargebacks, that show exactly which departments are driving which app costs, for budgeting and forecasting

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About Torii

Torii is the world’s only Distributed SaaS Management Platform built for the new digital workplace – where anyone can sign up for apps and everyone needs to stay in perfect sync. Unlike other tools, Torii’s all-in-one platform finds new app signups as they occur, analyzes user, spend and app data from many sources, recommends cost-saving actions, and empowers cross-functional teams to instantly act or create completely customized automations. Global customers, including Instacart, Bumble, Athletic Greens, Palo Alto Networks, and Cloudinary, eliminate thousands to millions of dollars in wasted licenses, reduce hundreds of hours spent on manual operations, and protect sensitive data flowing through known and Shadow IT applications. Torii is backed by Tiger Global Management, Wing Venture Capital, Global Founders Capital, Uncork Capital, Entree Capital, and Scopus Ventures. Learn more at and follow on Twitter @Torii_hq or LinkedIn.