We’re excited to announce the release of our Office 365 Integration update! 🎉

In this piece, we’ll talk about:

Finally, if you’d like to check out Torii for yourself, you can request a personalized demo today and find out how you can make the most of your Office 365 investment.

Why We Made the Update: The Importance of Data

Much of my time as a Product Manager at Torii is spent talking with our incredible customers. I find out what’s working and how to make Torii better fit their needs. One of the most important aspects of Torii is ensuring that we provide quality data and actionable steps based on that data.

Few applications provide as much data as those of Office 365. Microsoft’s office suite is used by over one million companies globally and is also one of the most expensive applications in those SaaS stacks. So it just makes sense to ensure that investment is returning value to the organization.

Here are some of the exciting updates to our Office 365 Integration:

What’s New?

Complete Insight of Desktop, Browser, and Mobile Access

Your team is on the go, which means they access their tools differently. Now, you have a complete picture of the tools that your team uses, regardless of how they access them. Desktop, Browser, Mobile, whatever the means, your data is accurate and reliable so you can make the best decision.

This is exciting for all Torii users, but especially for large companies with hundreds or thousands of Office 365 licenses. IT and Finance can immediately pinpoint the licenses that are never used and deprovision them with Torii saving an enormous amount immediately.

But, sometimes we need more information than license utilization. You need user activity for the individual applications within the Office 365 Suite.

Usage Data is Now Broken Out By Individual Application

Torii is the only SaaS Management system that provides individual application insight. You can now see which apps your employees access within the Office 365 Suite. Previously, all the applications were bundled and offered no way to separate the different apps. However, now you have granular insight into what apps your team actually uses.

This granular data opens up a whole new level of data-informed decision. You can view user adoption of individual apps and compare them to similar apps within the organization.

All of this insight is made more valuable thanks to Torii’s automation platform.

Leverage Data to Automate Processes

Data without action is useless, but action with poor data is destructive! With these improvements in Office 365 insight, you can confidently configure custom workflows. In addition, our automated SaaS Management system allows you to create sophisticated workflows perfect for your organization with our no-code workflow builder.

office365 remove license

You can design automation for actions such as:

  • Deprovisioning applications after disuse
  • Provision applications for new hires
  • Offboard former employees immediately
  • Much more

Bringing It All Together: App Comparison and Centralized Visibility

Torii becomes your single source of SaaS truth; all of your critical information from every app is pulled into Torii.  So, whether you want to view user activity, find unused licenses, compare against similar applications, discover Shadow IT, or something else, you can do it all from Torii.

One of the most powerful things you can do is compare similar applications like Notion vs. Microsoft Word or Teams vs. Slack. Finally, you’ll have the data to make informed decisions and the automation to execute, all from one central location – Torii. Ready to let software manage your software? Request a personalized demo and find out how to make the most of your Office 365 investment.