Now I know what you’re thinking – this sounds like another silicon valley geek God complex – “building one software to rule them all” is surely some distortion or at least, some twisted play on words.

Well, I’m here to tell you that this is indeed what we actually do: we’ve built an app that helps your organization manage all of your other cloud apps – aka SaaS Management. And we’re not a silicon valley startup – we’re an Israeli tech company who pioneered this hot new category and has now been rewarded with a record-setting series B investment by Tiger Global, Wing Venture Capital, Global Founders Capital, Uncork Capital, Entree Capital, and Scopus Ventures.

This market is white-hot for the simple reason that there’s an app for everything – and anyone can sign up for one on their own. With most organizations drowning in 300-600+ apps, most of which are unseen until something goes wrong, you can only imagine how much wasted money ($1M+), time (60 minutes /employee /month), and angst (governance risk) this creates for IT teams of all sizes. We’re well past the point where humans alone can manage software – we need software to help humans manage all the other software!

And with $50M in the bank, we’re building just that.

But what makes Torii unique is our people… our Toriis. Our heroes, who have all polarized around our zen-like vision for what the future of SaaS Management will be. Look around in our space and you will see tools copying features, whereas our focus remains unwavering. It is that same focus, in the capable hands of our people, that’s helped us pioneer some hard-hitting industry firsts:

  • Continuous Endpoint Discovery was something we pulled from the security space – and it’s helped Torii be 2X better than competitors in finding every single app an organization has (whether they know about it or now).
  • App Catalogue was our way of taking all the apps that an organization has and making them available to everyone in that organization all in one place
  • Flexible Automation allowed our customers to put the system on autopilot and have it take intelligent actions that fit their organization’s unique way of working

And we’re just scratching the surface for what this market will be. Here are some hints about where we’re taking this market next:

  • Torii for everyone: our platform helps IT, finance, procurement and HR teams rally around their organization’s SaaS tech stacks, but we’ve only scratched the surface of this motion. Empowering everyone involved in managing the entire application lifecycle, from procurement to retirement is critical to meeting the new, distributed nature of how organizations are dealing with cloud applications.
  • Unlocking SaaS data value: SaaS applications are the heartbeat of a business and today, our customers use Torii to tap only a portion of their SaaS application data. Expanding the ways in which customers can unlock and act on their SaaS data is critical to continuing to deliver the most flexible SaaS management solution on the market – and to expanding Torii into a SaaS Management Ecosystem.
  • Flexible Automation: our customers love how they can program any workflow they can dream up, trigger automation off of anything, and cascade into complex user provisioning, configuration, and data movement scenarios. Flexible automation is the only way to deal with the scale and velocity at which organizations have to deal with SaaS applications – and our users have already seen the standard set high in other spaces that provide easy to user, complex workflow engines. When every organization is a snowflake, automation has to keep up.

But we cannot build it alone – we need you! If you are ready to make a dent in the universe, feel underappreciated, want a change, or are simply ready for the next challenge in your career, this is your call to arms.

Apply for an open position – if one doesn’t exist, reach out to us anyway – we create roles for talented people.

Come help us build the one software to manage all software!