💡Key Points: 

  • Designing a SaaS System of Record (SOR) can feel like an impossible choice between limited data that’s actionable or comprehensive data that’s overwhelming.
  • Torii is a flexible SaaS System of Record that adapts as you change
  • Start by focusing on core data accuracy through Torii’s automation capabilities and then use custom application fields to replace all other SaaS data tracking methods
  • The result is a System of Record that scales with your needs


The classic tech tradeoff: deep or broad?

For data, this is a constant tug-of-war. Should you prioritize going deep on select data points—prioritizing accuracy and actionability, or focus on collecting and pulling as many bytes of info as possible—seeking comprehensive data?

Perhaps, the real question is not “which,” but “when?”

The question is not which approach to use but when you need each approach (and it will change with time).

This is why your SaaS System of Record (SOR) is critical. Different tools will enable different philosophies to shine, so it’s essential to understand your expectations and goals with a System of Record from the beginning.

To help you in this decision, Torii is a SaaS System of Record that adapts to your data philosophy. 

Deep With Accurate Data

Torii will automatically pull critical data, using multiple discovery methods to ensure high-integrity and actionable data for your sanctioned and shadow IT apps. This data is always up to date and surfaced via insight dashboards so you can spot trends and foresee problems relating to spending, usage rates, and security concerns.

You can learn more about Torii’s Insights Dashboards and Shadow IT Discovery.

Broad With Comprehensive Data

For those that want a place for every point of data, Torii allows fully custom application fields. You can choose from eight field types: single select, a date picker, number fields, etc. Simply select your field type, choose your group (this is how you organize your fields within the application tabs), give your field a name, and save.

At that point, your custom fields are ready to use within the info tab of every application.

Whatever data you want to record within your System of Record, Torii makes it simple to set your spreadsheets aside and centralize your data. Importantly, those fields all become part of your Torii experience. From custom filters to application forms, your can use these custom fields to find and understand your applications.

A System That Let’s You Scale

Your organization’s needs today are different than in the future.

The typical Torii user starts with a focus on critical insights. They’ve just discovered that their SaaS stack is three times the size they expected, and their top priority is reigning in the chaos. However, once they have confidence in their visibility, solid finance insights, and clear processes for dealing with typical headaches, they are ready to go broad and pull more disparate data into their System of Record.

At this stage, comprehensive data is less intimidating because everything has a home within a single system. The fear of data-overwhelm is replaced by a zeal to tackle the beast. Torii makes that scaling process exciting and flexible.

SaaS System of Record is Just the Start

Curious about what else Torii can do? Torii lets you operationalize and take action on all your data, from our no-code workflow builder to ticketing system integrations.

Request a demo and discover how Torii turns your SaaS Sprawl into a streamlined stack.