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Lunchbox Discovers 4X More SaaS Apps, Saves $430K in Licenses

Customer Profile

Lunchbox is the go-to online ordering and guest engagement system for more than 5,000+ industry leading restaurants, including Firehouse Subs, Papa Ginos, Bareburger, and more. The company employs over 150 people worldwide.


Like many businesses, Lunchbox operates with a lean IT team that has wide-ranging responsibilities, including overseeing the company’s entire SaaS ecosystem and lifecycle. Before using Torii, Lunchbox manually tracked and managed SaaS adoption and costs in a spreadsheet. This was a painstaking and error-prone process.

The spreadsheet wasn’t agile enough to keep up with their rapidly-changing SaaS ecosystem. Without an up-to-date source of truth for SaaS management, Lunchbox struggled with:

  • Shadow IT proliferating
  • Contract information was hard to find
  • Renewals weren’t effectively managed
  • Finance couldn’t get a true handle on SaaS costs

In short, Lunchbox couldn’t trust their data. They lacked a holistic view of their SaaS stack and associated users, usage and costs. As a result, they weren’t able to manage SaaS spend and Shadow IT risks.

Gian Luca D’Intino-Conte, Director of IT at Lunchbox, describes the challenges of the manual process he encountered when he joined the company: “We needed to get SaaS management under control. We had a spreadsheet managed by too many hands and the information was incomplete and unreliable. I knew it would take me forever to rebuild it from scratch, let alone find the information I needed. Plus, any spreadsheet would be out of date almost as soon as it was created.”

Lunchbox needed an easy, accurate and real-time way to track and manage their SaaS apps.

Why Lunchbox Chose Torii

D’Intino-Conte said, “Shortly after joining Lunchbox, I told our CTO that in order to centralize our SaaS data I’d need a tool. I was pointed to vendor and spend management apps that Lunchbox already had, but after evaluating them it was clear they wouldn’t suffice. After showing where they were lacking and how Torii compared, it took no time at all to get approval for Torii.”  

Having used Torii’s SaaS Management Platform at two of his previous employers, D’Intino-Conte knew it would solve Lunchbox’s challenges and ultimately create an efficient, reliable, and scalable way to manage both user and application lifecycles.

“Before, our SaaS management was like the wild west. I knew that once I plugged in Torii I would immediately start getting the info I needed. Instead of sorting through the weeds myself, Torii would reveal exactly what our SaaS landscape looked like,” said D’Intino-Conte.

Lunchbox’s decision was validated shortly after implementing Torii, when they would quickly:

  • Reveal Shadow IT using Torii’s deep discovery and browser extension technology, which surfaces apps as soon as an employee signs up for one using their corporate credentials
  • Optimize SaaS Spend using Torii’s comprehensive visibility into costs and usage, and contract renewal capabilities
  • Automate SaaS Operations using Torii’s no-code workflows for offboarding and license management
  • Reduce Risk by revealing Shadow IT, enabling access policies, and quickly offboarding former employees from cloud apps

Torii has become the single source of truth for Lunchbox’s SaaS management. Not only does Torii reveal its true SaaS portfolio, but it also helps optimize and secure it by eliminating wasted spend, automating operations, and allowing Lunchbox’s lean IT crew to do more with less.

“Anywhere I go, any job I take, they’re likely going to hear me say ‘I need Torii’ because it’s part of my core observability and SaaS management practices. It would be challenging for me to work as efficiently without Torii,” said D’Intino-Conte.

How Torii Helps

Shining a light on Shadow IT

One of Lunchbox’s immediate goals was to discover their true SaaS portfolio and costs. While D’Intino-Conte had guessed that multiple apps had escaped Lunchbox’s spreadsheet, he ultimately was shocked to see just how many Torii revealed:

“On day one, Torii discovered 300% more apps than we tracked in our spreadsheet. We had a list of 100. Torii discovered just under 400, and that was before we implemented Torii’s browser extension. Now, with the browser extension, we discover new apps as soon as they’re used.”

D’Intino-Conte was immediately able to empower Finance with a complete and always up-to-date view of all SaaS costs, including once-hidden expenses. He said:

“When we launched Torii, I discovered several paid apps that weren’t included on the spreadsheet. I was able to show value to Finance right away with these insights. Now, anytime someone asks what apps we have, who’s using them, and how much we’re paying I can answer or show them in Torii without any effort. If finance sees a new charge in the accounting system and doesn’t know what it’s for, they can find out more information by looking in Torii. Having this peace of mind is very valuable.”

Torii was also very valuable when Lunchbox underwent two acquisitions in rapid succession. It uncovered all the apps the acquired companies had and identified redundant ones so that Lunchbox could rationalize their portfolio and their costs.

Torii’s advanced discovery has also helped D’Intino-Conte to secure Lunchbox’s sensitive data by automating offboarding and security protocols across their SaaS stack, including unsanctioned apps.

At past companies, D’Intino-Conte also used Torii’s deep discovery to gain SOC 2 compliance by easily providing auditors with a full list of SaaS apps, users, and statuses. “Torii helped us cover our SOC 2 Compliance bases. Our auditors were impressed because Torii not only showed if we had reviewed an app, but when that review happened.”

Optimizing SaaS spend

Lunchbox gained full visibility into SaaS expenses and can immediately act on cost-saving insights and recommendations.

Torii’s advanced data engine automatically combines contract, expense, usage, and license data from across Lunchboxes’ SaaS apps to reveal cost-savings opportunities.

Now, D’Intino-Conte can reclaim unused and past user licenses, downgrade underutilized ones, and eliminate redundant tech with a click of a button. He said: “We saved $430K in the first 9 months of using Torii by shutting down SaaS apps we weren’t using anymore and reclaiming licenses based on user inactivity or status.”

These cost-saving insights also give Lunchbox the upper hand in renewal negotiations. A unified view of SaaS spend and usage empowers D’Intino-Conte to rationalize Lunchbox’s techstack by eliminating apps with little to no adoption, consolidating redundant apps, and rightsizing bloated contracts by lowering license count.

Plus, Torii’s dynamic contract renewal calendar alerts D’Intino-Conte of upcoming negotiations, giving him ample time to prepare. It also helps him budget his time accordingly, which is incredibly valuable for stretched IT teams.

D’Intino-Conte explained, “Torii helps me manage my time better. The renewals calendar shows me that this coming August will be a busy month for me and our vendors. I won’t plan a big project that month because a lot of my time will be spent managing and right-sizing contracts.”

Automating SaaS operations

With so much on his plate, D’Intino-Conte needs to streamline SaaS operations as much as possible. He said, “In my role, I’m often a department of one or two. So, I value automation, continuous discovery, and the simplification of SaaS tasks. Torii serves as the additional headcount I need by automating tasks that were taking so much time but needed to get done. Torii’s the only SaaS Management Platform that can give you everything without having to spend hours and hours doing it—it’s plug and play.”

Before Torii, D’Intino-Conte had to manually offboard each user from every app they were associated with on IT’s spreadsheet. Not only was this process time-consuming, but Lunchbox’s inability to discover Shadow IT apps meant past employees were only offboarded from known, or sanctioned applications, and could possibly access the company’s sensitive data through other sources.

Now, with Torii, D’Intino-Conte has automated the deprovisioning process across Lunchbox’s entire SaaS stack, including Shadow IT apps. “With Torii, I’ve saved over 40 hours – a whole work-week’s worth of time—just in offboarding tasks. Plus, we’re now able to offboard people from apps we wouldn’t even have known about without Torii.

Enhancing employee experience

Using Torii’s app catalog, Lunchbox employees can quickly find and request access to the tools they need. Not only does this minimize Shadow IT purchases, but it also improves employee experience by shortening users’ time to application access.

According to D’Intino-Conte, “People love Torii’s app catalog. Today someone from marketing asked if we have a tool to generate QR codes. I sent her to the catalog and she found it. It gives employees a first-stop marketplace to go shopping rather than immediately going to a Google marketplace.”

Additionally, by analyzing app requests by department, D’Intino-Conte can determine whether to automatically grant a team access to a given application. He explained, “When I see an app requested by 2 or more people on the same team, it makes me wonder whether it is needed by the entire team. If so, I’ll have it automatically provisioned to anyone who joins that team, instead of them having to request it.”

Reduces risk

In addition to offboarding past employees, Torii insights have spurred Lunchbox to create security protocols to protect the company’s sensitive data.

One such policy is alerting IT of suspicious login attempts based on employee location. If an employee’s country of residence, as noted in BambooHR, doesn’t match the location from which Torii shows they’re attempting to sign into an application, D’Intino-Conte’s custom workflow triggers additional authentication steps for the user to complete before gaining access.

Gian Luca D'Intino-Conte Director of IT, Lunchbox - Torii
Gian Luca D'Intino-Conte
Director of IT, Lunchbox

“Before, our SaaS management was like the wild west. I knew that once I plugged in Torii I would immediately start getting the info I needed. Instead of sorting through the weeds myself, Torii would reveal exactly what our SaaS landscape looked like.”

Lunchbox logo - Torii

Use Cases: Application Discovery & Visibility, Access Management, Offboarding, Spend Optimization, Risk Reduction


  • Discovered 4X more Shadow IT apps than expected
  • Saved $430,000 on SaaS spend in the first nine months
  • Eliminated 40+ hours of manual offboarding with zero-touch automation

SaaS Surprise: 

“Torii discovered 300% more apps than we knew about. We had a list of 100 in our spreadsheet. Torii discovered just under 400. I knew there would be a delta between what we had and what Torii found, but I was surprised it was so large.”

Favorite Torii Features: Discovery and Browser Extension

“Anywhere I go, any job I take, they’re likely going to hear me say ‘I need Torii’ because it’s part of my core observability and SaaS management practices. It would be challenging for me to work as efficiently without Torii.”

Gian Luca D'Intino-Conte Director of IT, Lunchbox - Torii
Gian Luca D'Intino-Conte
Director of IT, Lunchbox

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