Single Sign-On (SSO) and SaaS Management is a match made in (SaaS) heaven. But, at Torii, we always believe there’s room for improvement.

That’s why we partnered with Okta to deliver a best-in-class, holistic SaaS management solution.

With an implementation time of fewer than five minutes, your organization can:

But how? We break down the benefits of this powerful combination below:

Uncover your Shadow IT

It’s common knowledge Single Sign-On Solutions protect your company’s sensitive data, acting as another, powerful line of defense against unprovisioned users. But, we’ll let you in on a little secret—SSOs only work if they can connect to your applications!

With Torii and Okta’s partnership, you can rest assured your tech stack is fully equipped with SSO.

Torii provides IT full visibility into your organization’s tech stack, receiving alerts every time an employee starts using a new SaaS application. Not only does this eliminate the risk of Shadow IT, but it also allows IT departments to ensure prospective apps can connect to Okta (using SAML). This way,  no app (and its sensitive data) is left exposed.

Discover anomalies

Just because your apps can connect to Okta, doesn’t mean all of your employees are using it.

With Torii, you can easily find users that are active on G-Suite/Azure-AD who don’t have an Okta account, and vice versa, encouraging them to adopt new safety protocols and proactively eliminate security risks.

Eliminate Surprise SaaS Spend

Once you’re assured your employees are equipped with your tech stack’s latest tools and security measures, it’s important to understand how they’re being used—if at all.

Torii provides IT with a unified view of which employees are using Okta (and other apps) and how often.

This allows IT to easily discover unused licenses and applications, eliminating surprise SaaS spend and potential security risks.

Connect on-premise apps to Okta

At Torii, we understand that on-premise apps are still (and will most likely always be) vital to many organizations. That’s why we don’t limit IT’s visibility to cloud applications.

Instead, Torii also provides IT full visibility into your organization’s on-premise web apps, helping connect SAML-supported applications to Okta (securing all of your organization’s data).

Measure and Accelerate Okta Adoption

Adoption of new applications can be slow within any organization, no matter how vital they may be.

To ensure your employees are following best SaaS management practices, Torii enables IT to monitor the number of total apps connected to Okta over time, tracking its adoption and usage.

This allows IT to aid employees who are not currently reaping the benefits of your Okta solution, ultimately simplifying their workflow while securing your organization’s sensitive data.

Conclusion—Fortify your Data With Torii and Okta

It’s clear—Torii and Okta are a winning combination.

A SaaS Management platform like Torii provides IT full visibility into all of your SaaS tools (paid and free), whether or not they are SAML-connected, while an SSO solution like Okta keeps access to your critical applications secure. Together, Torii and Okta eliminate Shadow IT and surprise SaaS spend, putting your data security back in IT’s capable hands.

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