Interested in tackling your SaaS Sprawl but not sure where to start? Here, we’ll show you how to get started with Torii, the leading SaaS Management Platform. From there, we’ll show you how to pick from the different packages available, and why Torii stands out from the crowd in a fractured SaaS Management industry. 

Getting Started—How to Get Access to Torii 

Torii is a browser-based SaaS Management SaaS tool (yes, all the meta) that you can access from anywhere. 

To get started, you have three options: 

  • Purchase via AWS marketplace
  • Request a personalized demo
  • Request a free trial

Purchase Torii via Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace

Torii is now listed on the AWS Marketplace

AWS offers many advantages over conventional procurement. Purchases made through the Marketplace are directly added to your AWS bill, eliminating extra hurdles. This ensures all charges appear on one consolidated invoice, saving your team from juggling multiple bills each month. Additionally, you can also use your AWS credits when purchasing Torii. Depending on which tier you select (more on Torii package tiers below), you’ll receive credentials and access to your Torii instance. 

Request a Personalized Demo

Get a demo

If you like to get the full picture before getting your hands dirty, Torii offers a personalized demo that gives you the complete tour. With a demo, you see the capabilities tailored to what you need and can ask questions on the fly. It’s the VIP tour of the tool, so you know exactly what you’re getting into. At the conclusion of the demo, you can talk with a member of our team about the right Torii package for your situation. You’ll then receive credentials and access.  

Request a Free Trial

Get a free trial

Now, if you’re the type that never reads the manual, you might want to go with a free trial of Torii. Take the wheel and see for yourself, the trial will start off with a guided walkthrough and then you’ll have freedom to test Torii against your list of requirements. Throughout the process, if you need direction or clarity, we’re ready to help at a moment’s notice. If you decide Torii is a good fit for you, let us know. 

Torii Package Tiers

Torii lets you select one of three different packages based on your unique needs.

Basic: This is the perfect plan for the IT that needs visibility and control to counteract shadow IT and SaaS sprawl. It might be the starter plan—but don’t let that fool you, for most organizations new to SaaS Management, the Basic plan offers some incredible ways to streamline and operationalize your SaaS stack. 

Professional: This plan is built for the modern, SaaS-first IT team that’s excited to leverage workflows to bring about better cost-savings and operational efficiency. This plan is the best fit for a majority of IT organizations trying to do more without increasing headcount. If constructing advanced and multivariate workflows sounds like your happy place—this is the perfect plan for you.  

Enterprise: For the enterprise organization that’s ready to fully optimize its SaaS environment. This tier allows the organization to build custom integrations, automate license optimization recommendations, and use a suite of AI tools. This is the best plan for the larger organizations ready to make a massive impact fast. 

After Selecting Your Package

Once you gain access to Torii, you’re ready to start integrating your apps, connecting discovery sources, uncovering your shadow IT, and creating a plan for SaaS Management Success. For Professional and Enterprise users, you will meet your amazing Customer Success Manager. This is your primary partner, not just in getting Torii up and running, but in turning you into a hero within your organization. Our CSMs are all experienced professionals in helping you find operational efficiency and economic return in the shortest time possible.  

They’ll help you start discovering shadow IT apps, integrating your SaaS stack, and building the basic set of workflows to see immediate ROI. 

Why Choose Torii?

SaaS Management is a fractured industry. Some companies prioritize cost savings, while others focus on security. Learn more about this in our 2023 Buyer’s Guide

Torii takes a unique approach. Rather than focusing on one specific function, Torii gives you the building blocks to use our platform in the way that is best for you—whether that’s cost savings, app visibility, or something unique:

  • Open Platform Capabilities. We’re the only SMP that gives you unlimited API access. Our developer community includes an API explorer, guides, and code recipes so you can generate code in 15 different programming languages for custom actions, integrations, and apps—connecting it all back to Torii.
  • Advanced Automation: workflow builder is the leading automation engine in the industry, allowing you to set up branched workflows for all kinds of use cases, both application lifecycle and employee lifecycle. 
  • AI-Infused System: Torii uses state-of-the-art generative AI to handle time-consuming tasks like app discovery and categorization, manual data entry, reading contract PDFs, and more. 

With these three components, Torii becomes the most adaptive SaaS Management Platform on the market, letting you decide how to manage your company’s business cloud applications.