Torii Nabs Coveted Medal in Stevie American Business Awards.

The results are in!

Over 230 global IT professionals determined this year’s Stevie Awards winners.

Out of all possible types of cloud products, Torii’s SaaS Management Platform received the silver medal for Best Cloud Application Service.

Why do we think we won? Because the business world has fundamentally changed. Cloud applications are the new workplace, and anyone can subscribe, integrate, and manage them. IT can’t see these decentralized shadow apps and can’t take appropriate action to reduce spend, de-risk, and right-size licenses. Torii is designed for the distributed, cloud-powered world. To give insight into Shadow IT, centralize data, and enable smart decision making and action through automation.

While we’re very excited to receive this award, we also wanted to understand why the judges chose Torii. So the judges offered insight into the value Torii offers and the capabilities that matter most. Below are four reasons why Torii stood out from the crowd.

Unmatched Discovery of Shadow IT

In the words of one judge, “SaaS sprawl is a legit problem for IT teams today. It is impossible to know who has access to what applications and whether they need to continue to have access…”

We’ve all felt this explosion of cloud applications. Gartner says they’ve overtaken on-premises, installed apps. Some are sanctioned by IT, but many are not. Our workplaces have become entirely decentralized and dependent on these SaaS apps. So, how can IT optimize what they can’t see?

This judge continues, “…Torii will help them gain holistic visibility across all of SaaS and ensure the right guardrails are in place so that the right users have access to the right applications.”

Put simply, discovery is only valuable if it’s holistic!

Partial visibility can cause false confidence because you believe you have the whole picture!

Fortunately, Torii’s advanced discovery capabilities are the most comprehensive on the market. Torii finds every SaaS app in real-time through our unique browser extension technology. The discovery capabilities go even deeper with 2nd-degree discovery that uncovers apps connected to other apps. From the judges, “Torii stands out for helping users discover 2x more apps than any other SaaS management platform. Torii directly and deeply integrates with nearly double the number of SaaS apps than competitors, enabling more and better insights.”

By expanding the scope of discovery and increasing the number of integrations, Torii goes broader and deeper, leading to more data and higher quality data.

With this insight, Torii users can take actions that count, including spend management.

Spend Management

From one judge, “This is a great product with proven success metrics of saving individual customers more than $1 million a year on unused SaaS licenses and cutting hours spent on manual IT tasks by at least 75%.”

Better insights mean smarter decisions—such as when it comes to application rationalization—for example, what apps are worth the cost? Are you overspending on idle licenses? Do you have redundant apps in your SaaS stack? Unfortunately, IT leaders often don’t realize that they’re wasting money. But, Torii surfaces the numbers that matter and gives IT (as well as procurement, finance, and LOB leaders) the insights and power to make tough decisions confidently.

Automation that Works

Automation needs to be two things: powerful and usable.

With Torii, casual users enjoy turn-key solutions, and power users can build new workflows custom to their company needs.

Deploy workflows for everyday tasks like onboarding and offboarding, or design something completely new and tailored to your own needs in just minutes. The first Automated SaaS Management Platform puts the building blocks in the hands of the builders (like you!).

Proven and Reliable

From one judge, “Torii has impressive growth and widespread adoption, including among very big-name customers.”

If we are one thing at Torii, it’s customer-obsessed. So we focus on developing more innovative, intuitive, and comprehensive ways for all IT professionals to take back control over the SaaS stack.

Regardless of your organization’s size, Torii puts the power in your hands.

If you want to hear more about our amazing customers, you can view our case studies or check out the latest G2 report where Torii is the only SMP to lead two categories—SaaS Spend Management and SaaS Operations Management.

What’s Next?

Awards are awesome, but only because they validate the need for our solution and our competitive advantages.

If you’d like to learn more about how to join in our SMP revolution, check out a walkthrough of the Torii platform and learn more.