Make Smarter,
Data-Driven Procurement Decisions

Simplify renewals with a dynamic calendar, unified insights, and automatic reminders. Gain the upper hand in negotiations with up-to-date usage, license, and benchmarking insights, cost-saving recommendations, and side-by-side app comparisons

Get the Most Out of Your SaaS Investments

By the numbers

Or more SaaS licenses are wasted
Source: ITAM Review
More apps are provisioned outside of procurement's knowledge
Source: Torii Customer Data
Average surprise renewals occur every month
Source: Torii Customer Data

Do your contracts need right-sizing? Unlock savings with Torii.

The Torii Way: SaaS Procurement Made Simple

Dedicated Procurement Role

See exactly – and only – the data you need to make the best decisions with an intuitive dashboard, drill downs, and no distractions.

Side-By-Side App Comparisons
Receive automatic alerts for duplicative apps. Compare their functionalities, usage trends, and costs side-by-side to eliminate wasted spend.
Cost-Saving Recommendations
Immediately identify cost-saving opportunities with actionable recommendations such as downgrading or deprovisioning licenses based on user-level usage data.

Influence Sourcing Strategies

  • Become a strategic advisor to executives & business teams
  • Align SaaS adoption, cost & impact data with company goals
  • Proactively surface new ways to cut spend & improve agility
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“Torii lets us assign app and contract ownership, and automatically notifies the right people about renewals with plenty of runway to negotiate rates and right-size contracts.”

Tom Beohm, VP of IT at CDBaby

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Reveal Your True App Portfolio - Torii

Reveal Your True App Portfolio

  • Automatically discover & act on SaaS spend across every sanctioned & Shadow IT app
  • Connect to multiple sources in minutes (contract management systems, expense reports, accounting systems, ERP tools & more)

Unlock Continuous Savings

  • Stop chasing app owners, usage, cost & renewal data
  • Quickly identify ways to manage spend with always available, real-time data
  • Save more by right-sizing licenses & uncovering duplicate apps/subscriptions from day 1
Optimized SaaS spend - Torii
Automated Alerting & Messaging - Torii

Never Miss a Beat…or a Renewal

  • Always be renewal ready with a dynamic calendar & automated reminders
  • Instantly surface relevant information to key stakeholders at exactly the right time

Make Data-Driven Decisions

  • Compare applications functionalities, usage trends & costs side-by-side to reduce redundancies and wasted spend
  • Immediately act on automatic cost-savings recommendations
Measure App ROI - Torii
Renewal Calendar - Torii

Gain An Edge in Negotiations

  • Make better-informed purchasing & renewal decisions with accurate usage/adoption metrics, license utilization & qualitative insights from app owners and end users

Optimized SaaS ROI Starts with Torii

Contract Lifecycle Management

Manage the contract lifecycle within Torii from inception to renewal with contract status tracking. Torii integrates with ERP systems, automatically gathering critical data.

Renewal Process Automation
Use the power of automation such as triggers and notifications to ensure you’re not trapped by auto-renewals and overspend on licenses you don’t need.
Dynamic Renewal Calendar

Torii keeps track of your renewals so you don’t have to. Set renewal notification times, and use Torii’s visual renewal calendar or the tabular view with smart filters to plan ahead.

Customers Speak Louder

The Torii Difference Realized by our Customers


Discovered that the number of SaaS apps in use is 3x higher than they initially thought


Saved more than $1m a year on unused SaaS accounts


Cut hours spent on manual SaaS procurement tasks by at least 75%
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From an IT perspective, I have complete visibility of the apps we use as a company. Ensuring that we are not overspending on SaaS, means we can retain a lean operation, which benefits our company and our customers.

João Dobbin - Manager of Business Enablement - rockcontent
João Dobbin
Senior Manager of Business Operations
CDBaby logo - Torii
Torii is the only solution that discovers all our SaaS apps and automates any SaaS management task. It’s elegant and easy to use out of the gate, with a level of customer support that’s rare in this industry.
Tom Beohm
VP of IT
Hired logo - Torii
You can see every SaaS tool you have, how they’re being used. It’s really helped us simplify our SaaS stack and save a lot of time and money.
Michele Chan, Hired’s Senior Manager of IT Operations - Torii
Michele Chan
Senior Manager of IT Operations

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