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Amplitude Torii Integration


Analytics & BI

Amplitude is a product intelligence platform assisting companies to track user behaviors for data-driven decision making and improving customer experiences.

Heap Torii Integration


Analytics & BI

Heap is a digital analytics platform enabling an automatic and retroactive capture of all user interactions for business data exploration.

Mixpanel Torii Integration


Analytics & BI

Mixpanel is a user behavior analytics platform providing insights to understand, engage, and enhance customer experiences for business growth.

Splunk Cloud Torii Integration

Splunk Cloud

Analytics & BI

Splunk Cloud Platform is a robust data platform offering operational insights, analytics, and intelligent performance tracking with secured cloud-based solutions.

Tableau Torii Integration


Analytics & BI

Tableau is a powerful data visualization tool used for business intelligence, data analysis, and interactive data representation purposes.

looker Torii Integration


Analytics & BI

Looker is a data platform offering business intelligence, data applications, and embedded analytics for data-driven decision-making.

Chartio Torii Integration


Analytics & BI

Chartio is a powerful cloud-based business intelligence service providing simple, easy-to-use visualizations and data exploration tools.

Snowflake Torii Integration


Analytics & BI

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing platform enabling data storage, processing, and analytics solutions for businesses.

Fullstory Torii Integration


Analytics & BI

Fullstory is a powerful digital experience platform facilitating businesses to improve web and mobile apps through insightful analytics.

Fivetran Torii Integration


Analytics & BI

Fivetran, an automated data integration provider, simplifies data pipelining across applications, databases, and file storage systems with zero maintenance.

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