Torii Extension

What is Torii?

IT departments use Torii to optimize the utilization of SaaS applications within their companies. Torii helps map the different SaaS products being used, track payments, find applications that are no longer in use, and discover how many licenses or seats are being paid for vs. actual usage and more.

Torii automatically produces application and user usage reports to help your company make better SaaS decision:

Application Usage

Application usage - Torii

Users Usage

User Usage - Torii

How does the browser extension work?

The extension analyzes user behavior to detect logins to business applications. The entire analysis is being performed locally on the client side, meaning that no cookies nor login information is being sent to Torii servers. Once a SaaS application is detected the only information recorded is the Torii user ID and the visit duration in the app.

Does the extension map applications with personal usage?

No. Torii only maps business SaaS applications and will never analyze or store personal usage.

Examples of apps that are mapped: SalesForce, HubSpot, New Relic, MailChimp, and any app that is used for business purposes.

Examples of apps that are not mapped: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Audible and any other personal apps.

Some applications may present versions for personal and versions for business use, such as Facebook vs Facebook ads, LinkedIn vs LinkedIn Recruiter, Twitter vs Twitter ads. Torii only maps the business usage.

What data is being collected?

Torii measures days per month visits for each business application in order to provide usage and utilization information.

How is the data being collected?

The extension analyses cookies and visits reported by the browser to map the business applications being used. The entire analysis is being performed locally on the client, meaning that no cookies nor login information ever leaves the browser. The only information being sent to Torii’s servers is the detected business applications and a unique identifier of the logged in user.

See open-source software licenses for versions before 3.0.0.

SaaS Management 2.0 is Here

Hear the keynote from our CEO about about the groundbreaking update to Torii and what it means for IT management today.