True Platform Delivers the Full Capabilities Decentralized Workplaces Need to Manage SaaS Operations and Spend

New York, NY July 28, 2022 Torii, creator of the Automated SaaS Management Platform (SMP), today announced it earned the highest recognition in GigaOm’s new SaaS Management Platforms Radar Report. Torii was named a “Leader” and “Outperformer” in the “Innovation, Platform-Play” quadrant. Compared to the many vendors GigaOm assessed as having “Feature-Play” point solutions, Torii’s Platform delivers the full capabilities modern organizations need to manage SaaS operations and spend.

“Businesses are facing a perfect storm. With cloud overtaking installed applications, Shadow IT running wild, and decentralized workplaces the norm, it’s impossible to know what apps they have, who’s using them, and what they’re spending. And with inflation and talks of recession, they urgently need to eliminate wasted time and money, while still being resilient. As GigaOm makes clear, the majority of SaaS management products enable one or the other, not all. This makes it much harder for IT, procurement, security, and business teams to accomplish their goals,” said Uri Haramati, CEO, Torii.

He added, “Torii intentionally built a platform, instead of a point solution, to address the full scope of SaaS management needs for all stakeholders. We’ve always been focused on making it easy to intelligently cut SaaS spend and accelerate operations, without stifling innovation. In today’s world, this is more important than ever.”

Complete platform offering exceptional  value 

The GigaOm report highlights Torii’s competitive advantage as a “Torii provides a complete platform that meets all key criteria while enabling self-service across teams” – the latter of which is critical in decentralized workplaces where IT, procurement, finance, security and lines of business all have a role in acquiring, managing, renewing or protecting cloud apps.

Torii was rated “exceptional” in advanced integration, user and app lifecycle management, operational efficiency and governance.

See everything, do anything – on all dimensions

GigaOm points to Torii’s unique customization, ability to discover every single SaaS app and usage, and easily take actions, as key strengths. The report cites Torii’s:

  • discovery data accuracy and breadth” as critical to helping identify targeted actions that drive savings.
  • comprehensive discovery through the use of browser extensions and identification of cross-application connections.” This lets customers find Shadow IT applications in real time as employees access them on their computers, and always have current data on their entire application portfolio. It’s what helps make Torii’s data and insights so much more accurate and reliable than other solutions.
  • low-code workflow tools, advanced integration, and enhanced user engagement”, makes it easy for anyone to create multi-faceted SaaS management workflows tailored to their specific business processes and policies in just minutes.
  • enhanced user engagement,” made possible via Torii’s robust discovery, self-service application catalog and user-friendly workflows.

GigaOm’s ranking of Torii as an SMP “Outperformer” and “Leader” comes on the heels of another key indicator of Torii’s competitive advantage. In the recent G2 SaaS Management Summer Grid reports, customers rated Torii higher than any SMP for SaaS spend and SaaS operations management results and usability.