Customers Report Highest Satisfaction with Torii over Other SMP Vendors for SaaS Spend and SaaS Operations Management Results & Useability

New York, NY – June 22, 2022 Torii, creator of the #1 Automated SaaS Management Platform (SMP), today announced results of the G2 2022 Summer Grid Reports, showing Torii’s dominance in lowering the true cost of cloud applications. Torii, once again, led the pack in the two critical areas impacting cost – SaaS Spend Management and SaaS Operations Management – with customers giving Torii the highest overall rating as well as the highest marks for results and usability of any SMP.

“The global recession is fast approaching, and more organizations are being pressured to cut software costs. Many think subscription price tags are the only factor to consider, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. True cost includes the $100,000s to millions of dollars wasted on unused licenses, apps and professional services; the thousands of hours lost by manually managing cloud apps and users, conducting compliance audits and spinning wheels in siloed applications; and data breaches caused when former employees can still access corporate apps,” said Uri Haramati, CEO and co-founder of Torii. “Torii’s unique ability to slash SaaS spend and risk and accelerate operations are more important than ever. They’ve made us indispensable to businesses around the world. It’s gratifying to have this validated by G2.”

Torii has always been focused on making it easy to discover every single SaaS app and associated user in an organization and take immediate actions on them. Customers find 2x more SaaS applications with Torii than with other solutions and easily collaborate across teams to get the most value out of their SaaS apps. Their ability to see everything and automatically do anything has made Torii the preferred SMP for SMBs and enterprises alike.

For instance, customers get immediate insights into who’s using which cloud apps – including those purchased without IT’s knowledge – when and how often. In the same central location, they also see which apps represent the biggest risks, and how much money is being wasted on under-utilized apps, duplicate apps, incorrect license tiers, and more. And with Torii’s rich, no-code workflow engine, they can automate virtually any SaaS management task such as auto-upgrading and downgrading licensing, provisioning and deprovisioning user access, contract renewal alerts, and reclaiming licenses instead of purchasing new ones.

These capabilities resulted in Torii getting the highest score in these two G2 2022 Summer Grid Reports for customer satisfaction:

Saas Operations Management (93%), including the highest SMP rankings in:

  • Results Index: ROI, ability to meet customer requirements, user adoption, likelihood to recommend.
  • Usability Index: ease of use and administration

SaaS Spend Management (95%), including the highest SMP rankings in:

  • Implementation Index: setup, implementation, user adoption
  • Usability Index: ease of use, ease of adminitations, meets requirements
  • Relationship Index: ease of doing business, quality of support, likely to recommend

Customers Speak

Here are a few of the comments businesses noted in their G2 reviews of Torii:

Time to Value

  • “Our team saw immediate value from Torii and it has become a favored tool in our department.”
  • “I like how easy it was to start getting insights about our existing SaaS products without a lot of effort required from my team. We saw value from the first day.”
  • “Torii paid for itself 10x over by delivering us valuable visibility into orphaned licenses, unused licenses, and assisting in offboarding users swiftly and easily.”

Spend Management

  • “Torii has been essential for software spend tracking and approvals as well as cost-saving initiatives.”
  • “From discovery to cost optimization and closing applications no longer being used, Torii saves our company money.”
  • “We can easily identify and relocate licenses first without the need to purchase more.”


  • “Workflows alone have saved us countless hours of repetitive tasks which is a huge win for any IT department.”
  • “Torii makes managing SaaS solutions a breeze. I don’t have to worry about assigning users access to tools on the user’s first day and removing access on their last day.”
  • “The discovery of SaaS tools through the Google integration is amazing. It really helps with Shadow IT discovery.”

G2 Grid Reports are based on real user reviews. G2 uses a proprietary algorithm to rank solutions from data aggregated from customers, online sources, and social networks.

To access the G2 SaaS Operations Management Summer 2022 Grid report, click here.  For the G2 SaaS Spend Management Summer 2022 Grid, click here.

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