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Modern SaaS management for IT and finance teams

Torii automates the discovery, spend optimization, operations and compliance of SaaS applications in your organization.

Group 474-1

End-to-end SaaS
spend management

Easily identify and control your SaaS cost with centralized visibility of apps, vendors and licenses.

  • Spend monitoring
  • Vendor management
  • License management
  • Chargeback reports
Component 26

Autonomous IT

Torii fully automates SaaS-related processes, removing the burden placed on IT

  • Employee lifecycle
  • Application catalog
  • Software utilization
Component 6

Automated security
and compliance

Protect your organization with fully automated
risk analysis, security alerts and the most
up-to-date information on app vendor compliance

  • SaaS audit
  • Risk analysis alerts
  • Access control
  • DLP

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