Torii and Rippling unite to transform your employee and SaaS management. This partnership tackles Shadow IT, boosts security, ensures compliance, and optimizes costs. It’s a game-changer for any business seeking to streamline their tech stack and enhance operational efficiency, all while keeping a tight rein on expenses and risks.

Torii + Rippling: Better Together

Rippling’s platform offers companies a quick and easy way to get control over employee managementproviding products for everything from employee recruitment to onboarding and offboarding and even single sign-on (SSO) solutions.

This robust breadth of offerings allows small to mid-sized businesses to leverage Rippling’s platform as an employee source of truth, often replacing traditional human resource information systems (HRIS) and Identify Providers (IdP).

Rippling’s IT products also offer companies an entry point to SaaS management, allowing IT pros to secure known applications, automate license provisioning, and onboard and offboard users.

While these capabilities are a great starting point for SaaS management, as companies continue to grow, they must combine Rippling’s employee insights with a more robust SaaS Management Platform (SMP) like Torii to effectively manage their ever-changing SaaS stack.

Companies’ SaaS stacks are fluid—constantly changing based on user count and needs. Unfortunately, over half of a company’s apps and associated costs and risks are never reported to IT, remaining unknown and unmanaged. These unmanaged apps, also known as Shadow IT, accelerate companies’ wasted SaaS spend, leave them vulnerable to security risks, and threaten compliance.

This is where Torii and Rippling’s partnership comes in.

By combining Rippling’s employee and Torii’s SaaS management insights and workflows, companies can easily:

Uncover and Secure Shadow IT

Rippling’s Single Sign On (SSO) solution helps protect companies’ sensitive data by providing additional security and control for their SaaS login process.

But there’s a catch: SSOs only protect access to sanctioned apps.

Now, with Torii and Rippling’s partnership, you can rest easy knowing no SaaS app is left unsecured.

Torii provides complete visibility into your company’s tech stack, sending immediate alerts whenever an employee uses a new application and automatically triggering review workflows. Not only does this eliminate the risk of Shadow IT, but it also allows your IT team to determine which applications should permanently be added to your company’s tech stack and secure them behind Rippling’s SSO. This way, no app and its sensitive data are left exposed.

Easily Prove Compliance

While Rippling’s offboarding workflows are robust, they only work for sanctioned or known applications, exposing Shadow IT apps and their sensitive data after an employee’s departure.

With Torii providing complete visibility into your SaaS stack, IT can ensure users are automatically removed from every application, including Shadow IT.

Whether your company likes to offboard users on a fixed schedule, real-time, or a mixture of both, Torii’s got you covered. Simply leverage Torii’s intuitive workflow builder with unlimited branching to create your ideal automation, no matter how many conditions. Then, sit back and relax as Torii handles the rest.

But, what about proving compliance?

With Torii, send compliance-ready audit trails for offboarded employees across all apps with just a  click of a button. These audit trails cover every SaaS app in your company, even those outside your SSO.

Aside from helping companies reveal their SaaS stack, Torii and Rippling’s partnership also helps them optimize it.

Eliminate Wasted Spend

Rippling’s Expense Management product allows you to quickly review and reimburse employees for approved expenses such as transportation to a company event or work-from-home equipment. Employees initially pay these expenses, incentivizing them to report their purchases to be reimbursed.

Shadow IT apps, on the other hand, are often purchased with company credit cards or other financial accounts, remaining unknown (and unreported) to Finance and IT until they’ve found an erroneous charge on a credit statement or bank account.

Torii’s comprehensive discovery instantly detects new SaaS subscriptions, automatically alerting Finance and IT departments even before the expense is posted. These proactive alerts allow IT to determine whether or not a newly adopted app is necessary and provide Finance the foresight it needs to manage its SaaS budget better.

But that’s not all; Torii also provides rich cost-saving insights, recommendations, and workflows to optimize your tech stack continuously.

By combining cost, user, and usage data, Torii reveals once-hidden cost-saving opportunities, allowing IT to act on one-click recommendations or create automated workflows to:

  • Reclaim unused and past user licenses
  • Downgrade underutilized licenses
  • Remove abandoned applications
  • Consolidate redundant tech

This allows IT to realize continuous cost savings, eliminating surprise subscriptions and unnecessary expenses with little time and effort.

Torii also helps to rationalize your SaaS stack, ensuring you’re only renewing the subscriptions you need, with the right amount of permissions, at the best price.

Better Negotiate Renewals

Rippling’s Bill Pay product allows companies to pay SaaS vendors around the world in any currency instantly.

But while Rippling may help companies avoid late payment fees, their platform doesn’t avoid surprise renewals or provide Procurement and IT the insights they need to right-size their SaaS subscriptions and costs.

By combining Rippling and Torii, you’ll not only pay vendors on time but at the best price possible.

Torii’s renewal management insights and workflows ensure you only pay for what they need by:

  •  Proactively alerting IT and Procurement teams of upcoming renewals
  •  Providing license-cost benchmarks from similar businesses
  •  Helping predict license requirements
  • Automatically detecting duplicative tech with side-by-side comparisons

With these insights, IT and Procurement can lead data-driven negotiations, only paying for what they need at the best market price.

Conclusion— Enhance employee management with Torii and Rippling

It’s obvious– Torii and Rippling are a winning combination.
Torii provides complete visibility into your company’s entire SaaS stack (sanctioned and Shadow IT), proving compliance and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. At the same time, Rippling acts as Torii’s employee source of truth, enabling nuanced insights and workflows. Together, Torii and Rippling eliminate Shadow IT and wasted spend, putting your company’s security compliance back where it belongs, in IT’s capable hands.

Learn more about how Torii is protecting hundreds of industry leaders here.