Enterprise-class spend management and automation make Torii ideal for all-sized organizations

New York, NY August 31, 2022 Torii, creator of the #1 Automated SaaS Management Platform (SMP), today announced it has been awarded ITAM Review’s prestigious Enterprise SaaS Management Certification. Torii’s breakthrough platform was recognized for providing the full breadth of capabilities required in a world-class SMP. ITAM Review’s certification report notes Torii’s extensive application discovery, data-driven insights, actionable intelligence and strong automation, as making it ideal for any business needing to reduce costs and radically simplify SaaS management.

“Cloud applications have exploded and, with them, so have SaaS complexities and spend. Today’s economic uncertainties mean businesses must focus on reducing these costs while improving their own agility. But with decentralized workplaces, distributed responsibilities, and Shadow IT running amok, it’s virtually impossible to do,” said Uri Haramati, CEO, Torii.

“To overcome these challenges and stay ahead of the recession, businesses need to have visibility into every application, all spend data and enterprise-wide usage at their fingertips, plus the ability for IT, procurement, security and other stakeholders to instantly take action. As ITAM Review noted, Torii not only makes this possible, we make it easy.”

ITAM Review recognized Torii as an early innovator in SMP that continues to set the standard with the enterprise-class capabilities that companies of all sizes need to drive efficiencies, save money, reduce risk, and scale operations.  

AJ Witt, Industry Analyst, ITAM Review, said, “Torii’s mature SaaS Management solution provides comprehensive and flexible discovery of SaaS applications with class-leading automation and workflow capabilities. Torii is able to onboard and offboard users automatically and uses AI-powered insights to suggest and implement cost savings with a single click. Customer references report rapid ROI and excellent customer service.” 

ITAM Review conducted an in-depth review of Torii’s capabilities and spoke with several customers in order to reach their conclusions. The certification report highlights include:

  • Discovery:
    • “Torii’s discovery and inventory capabilities are amongst the most comprehensive in the market. They include a browser extension that finds free and paid applications not discovered by other means, and gathering information from apps connected to other apps.” 
    • “Torii claims that on deployment organizations discover 3x as many SaaS applications as they estimated, and the comprehensive capabilities provided by the tool undoubtedly contribute to that.”
  • Cost management and ROI:
    • “It’s vital that SMPs have strong cost management capabilities. Torii’s approach is multi-layered, including detailed information on contracts, renewal dates, users, usage and cost trends; the ability to create chargeback/cross-charge structures; reducing application duplications; identifying lower-cost subscriptions and applications; and “Smart Recommendations” for money-saving downgrades that can be made with a single click.”
    • Customers’ immediate ROI gained the first year will continue for subsequent years and is supported by productivity savings enabled by Torii’s automation and workflow engine.”
  • Actionability:
    • Torii enables optimizations directly from the application by making the insights it delivers actionable.
    • “Torii has very strong automation capabilities. Using a no-code and very easy to use visual workflow builder, administrators are able to create rich and powerful workflows.”  
  • Risk Management:
    • “Torii’s comprehensive discovery engine can be combined with automation and workflow to nip potential SaaS risks in the bud.”

ITAM Review certifications provide solution buyers with trusted analyst and professional customer reviews, ensuring that only solutions that meet critical criteria requirements are awarded ITAM Review certifications.

ITAM Review’s Certification Report