Note: Improve your renewal process thanks to Torii’s Zip integration. Now, all your contracts stay synced between systems, allowing you to automate renewal workflows with contract data that is always up-to-date. Learn more below.

Contract renewals are one of the most powerful ways to save on cloud applications. They offer stakeholders a brief period to ask, “Is this app worth it?” and save significantly. 

Unfortunately, renewals often pass without any research, insight, or action for one big reason: the relevant data is scattered across the organization.

Contracts, tacit app knowledge, and utilization rates are spread across multiple people and systems, making the renewal process feel like a scavenger hunt you don’t have time for. Even then, contracts often contain auto-renewal clauses that you forget about until after they are triggered.  

Bringing Clarity to Contract Management

At Torii, we want to help clarify contract management and prepare everyone for crucial renewals. This requires making it easy or even automatic to get your contract data into the same system of record as your SaaS data. Our goal is to remove manual entry entirely, and one of the most exciting ways to do that is through integrations with your existing contract tools.

Torii Exclusive: Zip Integration for Automated Contract Visibility

Torii is now the only SaaS Management Platform that will automatically stay synced with contracts housed in Zip. With this Zip integration, Torii automatically ingests the contract information and PDFs directly into the platform. As soon as a purchase request for software is completed and a contract is generated, the details are automatically fed into Torii without manual data entry. Then, your contract data will be accurately and promptly recorded and always in sync.

About Zip: Zip focuses on developing an Intake-to-Procure solution for B2B purchasing. The company aims to simplify procurement by providing a consumer-grade user experience for employees initiating purchases or vendor requests. Zip’s platform allows for easy initiation of procurement requests, visibility for all stakeholders, compliance assurance, and seamless integration with existing systems used by departments like Finance, Legal, IT, and Security.

Getting Renewal Ready

Torii is now your home for Renewal Management: 

  • Create a workflow that sends a Slack notification any time a renewal is 60 days out
  • Set up special alerts for auto-renewal clauses
  • View app license usage data—active, inactive, and unassigned based on custom criteria (30, 60, 90 days, etc.)
  • Create custom processes based on contract amount, relevant department, and more
  • Create auto-reclaim workflows for idle apps

All of this and more is possible and easy if you have your contract data within Torii. Now, through our AI Ingestion tool, email-to-contract feature, and Zip integration, sending those contracts to Torii is easier than ever. 

Renewals are critical moments. They impact your software stack, employee satisfaction, and finances for the next year or more. Don’t let them go to waste—transform your renewal processes from overlooked opportunities into strategic assets. 

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