Torii just launched a small but powerful new feature – Merge Users

What is it?

Merge Users automates the tedious process of manually matching multiple user aliases to a single user. It searches for all the emails in your organization and links them to individual users. As a result, IT gains a clear picture and improved user management capabilities.  

In the past, IT professionals have struggled to reconcile the numbers between users and emails. Multiple domains or department-based emails sometimes have caused doubt about data integrity—mainly related to SaaS utilization and oversight. 

image of Torii interface allowing admin to merge multiple email aliases into a single user

With Torii’s Merge Users, there’s a clean 1:1 association between every email and a user. As a result, noise is significantly lessened, efficiency is boosted, and they can take actions with confidence. 

Why Does Merge Users Matter?

Data Integrity and Enhanced Decision-Making: For IT professionals, clarity in user-data association extends beyond matches to understanding the rationale behind these matches. Torii’s Merge Users settings provide transparency into why matches are established in the first place. This creates higher confidence in the data, empowering IT to take decisive action towards cost optimization, security posture, and more.

Streamlining User Management: Managing users is a continuous task in IT operations. Fortunately, implementing Merge Users acts as a crucial reset. It tackles past issues, like over-allocating user licenses to single users based on multiple emails. The system provides a clear view of how licenses are distributed and enables accurate monitoring of license use.

You Choose Source Authority: The Merge Users feature supports merging users from IDP sources, using specific fields from Azure Active Directory (“proxyAddresses” and “Other emails”) and Google Workspace (“Emails” field, including contact information and email aliases).

Reversible Matching: Unlike other solutions, Torii’s Merge User process is reversible with no risk or loss of data. IT professionals can adapt user management strategies or processes, avoiding irreversible decisions. 

Confidence in Offboarding: When the Merge Users feature is active, and you start the offboarding process for a user in Torii, all of the user’s emails and application accounts are automatically deactivated according to your preset offboarding instructions. The system determines whether the merged user is classified as a current or former employee based on the status of the primary email address associated with that user. Additionally, when a user is offboarded, the process will simultaneously apply to all their email aliases, ensuring a unified update across all accounts.

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How to Get Started

The future of IT is dependent upon simplified yet effective solutions for persistent data integrity problems. At Torii, we focus on solutions that provide IT with transparency, customization, and confidence.

Merge Users is available to all Torii users. Learn more about Torii’s plans and pricing.

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