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Whether you are in IT, Finance, or Procurement, you’ve probably struggled to better understand your company’s SaaS spending. In this ebook, we’ll unpack this confusing landscape by breaking down the most common tendencies for businesses today. We’ll examine the benefits, the negatives, and the best path forward.

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What is your current state of SaaS Spend?

Every great journey has a starting point, and your journey towards better SaaS Spend Management is no different. But, before you embark on this journey, you must know exactly where you are right now.

What is your current state of SaaS Spend? - Torii

The SaaS Spend Journey

The journey to True North is just that — a journey. If you see your own company reflected more in the other destinations described in this ebook, don’t worry. With the right mindset, a willingness to change, and a good plan in place, you can get to True North, too.

The Economical East ilustration - Torii
The Economical East

The Economical East is easily recognizable by its landmarks: the prioritization of cost-savings over everything else and a singular goal to keep costs low.

The Wild West ilustration - Torii
The Wild West

Where the most important goal is to innovate, and fast. Companies occupying this area are in the growth-at-all-costs mentality, and many of those costs are extremely literal.

The Secure South ilustration - Torii
The Secure South

The land where security reigns supreme, where many find themselves enthusiastically ushering in a new era: one of security, stringency, and centralization.

The True North ilustration - Torii
The True North

True North is, in many ways, the platonic ideal: a land where there’s no Shadow IT, no missed opportunities, and no money wasted on the wrong tech solutions.


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