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Simply connect the services you already use

Torii directly integrates with leading business applications, providing a unified view to manage your SaaS from a central location

Simply connect the services you already use - Torii

Identity Management

Connect your identity management platform. Gain control of your applications, manage user access, and audit permissions of third-party tools

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Connect your accounting software and reimbursement tools. Gain visibility into all of the organization’s SaaS spend, find cost reduction opportunities, and reveal shadow IT

Direct Integrations

Torii integrates with leading business applications to discover the true utilization of these tools. Optimize your SaaS usage and reduce costs

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Browser Extensions

Deploy the Torii browser extension across your company for a comprehensive end-to-end SaaS mapping.

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App Directory

Our directory holds thousands of leading SaaS products and is updated continuously to make sure your data is accurately mapped and measured

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App Directory - Torii

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Now you can control, manage, and save money on the SaaS used by your company. Let us show you what Torii can do for you.

SaaS Management 2.0 is Here

Hear the keynote from our CEO about about the groundbreaking update to Torii and what it means for IT management today.