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Automate Onboarding & Offboarding with Customizable Workflows

Automate time-consuming tasks for employee  lifecycle management to improve retention, increase productivity, and reduce risk.

Reduce Risk and Increase Employee Retention with Advanced Automation

By the numbers


of millennials said they would leave a company due to substandard technology
Source: Penn Schoen Berland (PSB)
minutes are wasted by IT on manual, error-prone onboarding/offboarding tasks
Source: Torii Customer Data
of IT leaders see proper SaaS Offboarding as a significant security threat
Source: Pulse IT Community

How much time can you save? Automate SaaS operations.

The Torii Way: Automation Made Simple

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Drive Adoption
Make application access a breeze with a flexible, self-service catalog, role-based permissioning, and automated user lifecycles
Put Onboarding on Autopilot
Provide employees access to critical apps on day 1. Increase productivity and employee satisfaction with fully automated, customizable triggers and workflows
high accuracy
Offboard with Confidence
Secure your sensitive data with fully automated and highly customizable offboarding workflows, even for Shadow IT apps

Onboarding on Autopilot

Create powerful, dynamic onboarding experiences that delight users and accelerate application access

Onboarding on Autopilot

“After the 2019 acquisition, we had 100+ new employees located around the world and a lot of SaaS applications to manage. Using Torii, we were able to streamline our SaaS applications over six months. By the time we’d implemented all the synergies, we’d managed to save over a million dollars."

João Dobbin, Senior Manager of Business Operations at Rock Content


Intelligent Offboarding 

Build smart, dynamic offboarding checklists that trigger off of anything, terminate users, and instantly move data in thousands of apps

Intelligent Offboarding

User- & Team-level Actions

Native HRIS integrations allow you to easily create powerful user provisioning and de-provisioning workflows for any user by department, title, role, or any other fields available in your HR system

User- & Team-level actions

Unsanctioned App Discovery

Find apps that employees sign up for on their own and incorporate them into your sanctioned application stack

Your Curated HUB Employee App List2

Auditable Offboarding

See compliance-ready audit trails for offboarding all apps discovered throughout an employee’s tenure even if they’re outside of your single sign-on (SSO) tool’s reach

Auditable Offboarding

Continuous Risk Mapping

Identify risky apps in your Shadow IT portfolio and dynamically maintain offboarding task lists that incorporate those apps

Continuous Risk Mapping

Ditch the checklist and make onboarding and offboarding a breeze

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Act & Automate
Create custom rules, communications and automation to better manage your SaaS onboarding & offboarding
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De-Risk with True Visibility
Don’t let anything fall through the cracks, put tasks and events such as an employee leaving on autopilot with custom workflows
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Delight Employees
Make requesting an application an enjoyable shopping experience for both employees and IT

Customers Speak Louder

The Torii Difference Realized by our Customers

Discovered that the number of SaaS apps in use is 3x higher than they initially thought
Saved more than $1m a year on unused SaaS accounts
Cut hours spent on manual IT tasks by at least 75%
As a company, we work with a wide variety of apps. We needed to take better charge of the whole application stack. Torii played a huge role when our budget came around at the end of December
João Dobbin
Manager of Business Enablement
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When we started using Torii, it was truly the first time we’d had such clear visibility across SaaS applications. Torii gives our CFO and finance team visibility on the cost split related to SaaS
Uria Sherman
Global IT Director for Cloudinary
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With Torii, we could finally see every single SaaS tool we were using in the company. It enabled us to review their popularity and usage, determine which applications were redundant and which ones we could cut down.
Ron Peres
Sr. Director, Global Corporate IT & Information Systems
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See Torii in Action

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