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Rock Content saves more than $1 million with Torii

Rock Content saves more than $1 million with Torii - Torii

Customer Profile

Founded in 2013, Rock Content provides more than 2,000 brands, marketers and agencies with content marketing software, creative services, on-demand talent, and professional training

Following two acquisitions, Rock Content now employs more than 450 people worldwide

Rock Content maintains a talent network of more than 80,000 creative professionals around the world


Rock Content is a key player in the content marketing sector with an impressive client portfolio ranging from Bank of America, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Cisco to Red Bull, NFL, Marvel and more. Following two major acquisitions, the Brazil-based content company now has staff all around the world.

The acquisitions accelerated the growth of the company, and SaaS management became a key area of focus for Rock Content, from a cost and efficiency perspective. The company was particularly interested in solutions that would enable it to manage SaaS applications easily across its team of widely dispersed workers. Gaining visibility over SaaS applications, their usage, security features, and license costs was key.

After growing rapidly and absorbing new teams and legacy apps into the company, Rock Content identified an urgent need to manage and integrate its SaaS applications. Being able to manage SaaS apps centrally became especially valuable in 2020 as Rock Content moved to a remote model due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

João Dobbin is Manager of Business Enablement at Rock Content. He oversaw the integration of apps from the acquired companies. One of his first tasks was to bring Marketo and Salesforce into Rock Content’s HubSpot environment. João was also responsible for identifying cost overspend and potential efficiencies around SaaS.

As well as needing to streamline the number and cost of apps across the Rock Content’s growing network, the company had to ensure it was compliant with the service organization sector audit, SOC 2.

After the 2019 acquisition, we had 100+ new employees located around the world and a lot of SaaS applications to manage. Using Torii, we were able to streamline our SaaS applications over six months. Synergies were already on our roadmap but COVID-19 fired this up to being our top priority. Torii was core to us being able to centralize all information relating to our SaaS contracts and costs, and to getting everyone on the same page. By the time we’d implemented all the synergies, we’d managed to save over a million dollars.

Rock Content discovered Torii when its leadership team researched SaaS management solutions online. Dobbin was also familiar with Torii having had a recommendation from a banking contact in his network.

How Torii Helped

Following an acquisition that Rock Content made in 2019, the company streamlined its SaaS applications ecosystem and saved over a million dollars with Torii.

Rock Content found that Torii provided a complete platform user experience and offered the most comprehensive features of all the SaaS management solutions the company had researched. Features such as workflows, NetSuite integration, G Suite integration, app catalog, SOC 2 compliance all combined to simplify SaaS management for the content company. On Day 1, Torii discovered 700+ applications in the company’s SaaS ecosystem. Dobbin’s team also stumbled across software contracts listed on numerous siloed spreadsheets; the finance team had one, IT another and so on.

It was clear to us that we could benefit a lot from the governance aspect that Torii offers, gaining a clear vision of apps in use, their contracts, costs, and so on. And, of course, following our move to remote working in 2020, we’ve experienced how easy it is to manage remote work programs and fix compliance gaps using Torii.

Another benefit for Rock Content is Torii’s easy-to-use application catalog. Everybody can see which applications are available and approved, which has been a huge time saver for creative, and go-to-market teams, and the IT department alike.

Torii became my bread and butter. We have visibility now over our app usage that we didn’t have before.

Using Torii, the time it takes to onboard and offboard team members to and from applications has been cut dramatically. Torii has enabled the Rock Content team to automate staff onboarding and offboarding. Dobbin says that a task that previously could have taken up to half an hour, now takes virtually no time at all using Torii. This simplification has helped Rock Content to improve controls, which is really helping in its current SOC2 audit. As the company continues to expand, Torii will play an integral role in the company’s SaaS management and cost-efficacy into the future.

João Dobbin, Senior Manager of Business Operations - Torii
João Dobbin
Senior Manager of Business Operations

“Because Torii operates in the background, our creative teams can focus on what they do best. The biggest difference from an IT management perspective is that I have complete visibility of the apps we use as a company. Ensuring that we are not overspending on SaaS, means we can retain a lean operation, which benefits our company and our customers.”

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Reduction in IT hours spent on offboarding


SaaS apps discovered on day one

Savings in SaaS spend

“Torii was core to us being able to centralize all information relating to our SaaS contracts, costs and usage, and to getting everyone on the same page.”

João Dobbin, Senior Manager of Business Operations - Torii
João Dobbin
Senior Manager of Business Operations

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