Yesterday, we announced that we’ve raised $10 million in Series A funding to further develop the Torii Automated SaaS Management Platform and build the team to support our customers worldwide. Today, I wanted to share with you – what had led us here.

Our mission has always been to help IT professionals to drive their businesses forward by making the best use of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). To get the best out of what SaaS offers, and to remove any obstacles created by the inevitable fact that SaaS has to be managed.

The Torii founders – Uri, Tal and I – have all been the early adopters of SaaS. We believed in its power and have used it to scale our companies. But at the same time, we’ve been very aware that you just can’t keep adding more humans to manage software. It just doesn’t scale. Especially when you see organizations using 1,000+ SaaS applications and adding 20 new ones every month.

So when we decided to found Torii, we knew two things for sure.

We were going to solve all the problems with SaaS at once. That means, we’d take a holistic approach and help you – IT professionals – spend less money on SaaS, not waste any more  time managing SaaS, and not have to lie awake at night worrying about any SaaS-related risks.

To achieve this, we would put automation at the heart of everything we do, starting with the automated discovery of SaaS applications and providing you with automated insights on usage, spend, risk exposure. Finally, we’d build the most advanced workflow automation engine for any internal IT internal process relating to SaaS in your organization.

Fast-forward a few years and this approach is delivering results to our customers like Lunchbox, Omnipresent, Palo Alto, Hired, and more!

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What makes this possible is how Torii is built.

Accurate data means successful automation

For us, it starts with data. We wanted to ensure the most accurate data to power automation, because we needed to make sure that you never automate a bad process. That’s why we connected Torii directly to more than 100 different tools in identity management systems, ERPs, collaboration platforms, HR systems, expense management systems, and internet browser extensions. Using Machine Learning, millions of data points from these systems are normalized to create the Unified Software Graph that becomes an information backbone of your company’s SaaS environment. It’s a model you can trust – based on the most complete data that is updated in real-time.

On Day 1, Torii will give you a full view into unsanctioned apps, unused services, unassigned licences and duplicate tools across your company, as well as insights into how you can optimize them to save money.

Automated workflows for any IT scenario
There’s nothing more frustrating than having the data, but not being able to execute on it. That’s exactly why automated, no-code workflows are the core of what we do at Torii.

Our Orchestration Engine offers extremely easy-to-use, no-code workflows for every SaaS application and internal IT process. You can build a workflow for any scenario you can possibly imagine, eliminating manual tasks that so often repeat in onboarding, offboarding, employee requests or renewals.

By automating your daily tasks, you can save 75% of the time you used to dedicate to them, so now you can focus on delivering on your strategic initiatives.

If this sounds unbelievable, don’t take our word for it and hear it from our customers. Check out some of Torii case studies.

Keeping employees happy with SaaS tools they need
While Torii workflows will help IT teams automate much of their day-to-day work, our App Catalog is guaranteed to keep your employees happy.

This 10,000+ catalog of SaaS applications shows what apps are in use across your organization. And gives employees an option to request new applications they may need for their jobs.

They can search for applications by name or dive into different SaaS categories. Each application features a full description, an owner and how many people are using it in the company.

And that’s what we call a truly holistic approach: keeping IT, finance and employees happy – all at once.