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Over 400% ROI on SaaS spend for STASH

Customer Profile

STASH is a digital-first financial services company that is committed to making banking and investing accessible to everyone.

By breaking down barriers and building transparent, technology-driven products, STASH brings together banking, investing, and education into one seamless experience for four million Americans.

Dedicated to affordability and simplicity, the platform allows anyone to get started saving for their futures and manage their money.

With four million customers from 50 states, STASH is one of the fastest growing award-winning consumer investing and banking apps in the U.S.


The Challenge: Proactively managing the tech stack

STASH is a dynamic, fast-growing financial services company driven by technology which it harnesses to achieve its goals. As a game changer in the financial industry, STASH must hold the reins of its technology stack and diligently protect its IP and corporate assets.

As the company has grown by 125% over the last two years, the IT team needed tools to assist in keeping track of SaaS and web-apps used by the employees:

Keeping a real-time inventory of all in-use tools and applications and removing the redundant tools
Optimizing the utilization of the tools in-use with clear visibility of the assigned, un-assigned and un-used licenses
Quickly handling the onboarding of new employees, as well as diligently offboarding departing employees
ROI through Torii
  • Automatically tracking unused licenses
  • Identifying duplicated and unused tools
  • Reducing IT time spend on onboarding, offboarding and reporting
  • Proactive renewal and cost management

Clear visibility – Managing STASH’s Web Services More Efficiently

Hours after putting Torii to work, the STASH team was able to take stock of the SaaS, web-based applications and services used by the different teams and departments. Previously, this process alone took much more time to manage. Some of the applications were paid for and some were free, many had not been in daily use.

Most software companies today offer their products as web apps, so there’s no shortage of solutions that users can choose from, ultimately helping them accomplish more. Staff members can quickly evaluate the tools they need and opt-in into them independently, without being dependent on IT expertise.

Prior to using Torii, when I was asked about a certain app or service, it would take hours to locate the proper information and respond. Every process related to web-apps was really cumbersome. So when we rolled out Torii, it was great to finally have all that information presented to us in an easy to manage way, being able to see all of the applications and services we have in one place, including who the users of each service are, and having the ability to assign owners to the different services. We finally had a tool we really needed to help manage the corporate tech stack

Automating IT operation

Beyond eyeballing the tech stack of the company with a complete scan and detailed visibility enabled with Torii dashboard, STASH quickly came to realize how Torii can help them save time and eliminate human errors in their daily, repetitive IT tasks with the automation of such processes.

They were able to define the workflows that suit their specific needs and work method when it comes to provisioning of new tools, onboarding new employees and offboarding third-party service providers.

The numbers game: ROI in $$ saved on SaaS spend

Brian McCarthy
IT Manager
“On the ROI side, we are able to catch orphan licenses and save money immediately. The savings on unused services and unassigned licenses makes our Torii subscription incredibly beneficial from a business perspective, and that doesn't even take into consideration the 200+ IT working hours that Torii has saved us. Torii makes my workday so much more effective that I couldn't be more grateful.”

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