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Customer Profile

Founded in 2010, Pipedrive works with 75,000+ different organizations in 170+ countries. The company offers CRM as-a-service, ensuring sales activities remain targeted, ambitious and realistic. With over $80 million in funding, Pipedrive is a rapidly growing company with 400+ employees located in 6 offices across 4 countries.


Pipedrive is one of the fastest growing cloud-driven SaaS companies worldwide, but no matter how large Pipedrive becomes, 2 important values remain prioritized for their IT team: security and efficiency.

Security of company data

With an ambition towards global engagement, Pipedrive is branching out their offices to numerous locations around the world (Estonia, New York City, London, and Lisbon). The diversity of their teams calls for different work strategies and varied access to certain applications.

As a result, managing Pipedrive’s data security is becoming increasingly challenging every day. The main security challenges that Pipedrive’s IT faced were:

  • Keeping track of an employee’s accounts after they leave Pipedrive.
  • Keeping track of what external apps are being used to process Pipedrive’s information.
  • Managing what kind of data is being shared.

Before Torii, their IT’s only choice was to use manual processes – gathering data from different departments with no corporate overview of which tools are used and what data is processed by them.

How Torii Helped

♻️ Employee Offboarding
📊 Up-to-Date Usage and Cost Analysis
💡 App Discovery

The introduction of Torii shifted Pipedrive’s knowledge of tools being used within the company from being quite limited, to a well structured dataset of all tools in use, creating a more efficient usage and productive organization.

Employee offboarding

When many SaaS tools are in use, the process of properly offboarding an employee is more crucial than before, as the implications of costcompliance and security are harder to manage if you had no visibility of the SaaS tools the employee has been using. Offboarding is a time consuming process, especially when different applications have different business owners. When it isn’t done right, organizations end up paying much more than they have to by accidentally leaving accounts open. Not to mention the security implications of having accounts left opened for an employee who no longer works at your company. Before Torii, IT had to reach out to owners one by one in order to find out who is responsible for each application, and then make sure each account is actually closed -an error-prone and time consuming process.

This was made possible thanks to offboarding features such as:

  • Email integration that allows Pipedrive’s IT to reach out to all app owners with a single click.
  • Updated offboarding status which is visible in the Torii app.

Torii also helped surface the importance of proper offboarding to the relevant stakeholder. With the visibility of all SaaS tools, people can clearly see implication of offboarding from SaaS applications and are motivated to help.

When Torii surfaced that there are more than 600 applications being used it was much easier for IT to start building the right process for SaaS management, as it is clear the business relies on those SaaS tools, and those must be managed.

Up-to-date usage and cost analysis

It was important for Pipedrive IT, to start managing their SaaS tools, while keeping the organization moving at a fast pace. Pipedrive was aware that there were many tools they did not know about. However, Torii helped them explain the true scale of the challenge to the employees, in other words, providing a much easier way to communicate internally.

Torii allowed Pipedrive to manage their internal tools without interfering with their employees’ daily work, maintaining their agility and staying in control and efficient.

Other SaaS management tools seem like they combine existing knowledge and make it more visual. Torii, on the other hand, has clear benefits and value. For example, it is much easier for us now to maintain an up-to-date view of our tool portfolio, which helps to manage both costs and risks.

App discovery

As new SaaS tools are being introduced every day, either during evaluation period or as a paid tools, Torii quickly surfaces the usage of duplicate tools or ones used for a similar purpose. Pipedrive can get notified in real time and understand the advantages of certain tools over others, helping their employees to take the right decision about tools usage at early stage.

If a new tool is introduced, we want to understand how it is unique… if a similar tool is already being used than we need to understand why are we using different tools for similar use cases.

The discovery phase is not a one time effort, but rather a continuous process. Even if IT is not using the Torii app at the moment, they easily stay up-to-date with email notifications reporting what new apps were discovered. The email also directs you to the new application’s page in the Torii app, where you can see what the app is about, as well as its active users, usage trends, and expenses.

Features like the browser extension made Torii stand out to Pipedrive as the only solution that can identify Shadow IT, as well as show the usage of new tools through their SSO solution.

Viknesh Thananjeyan, IT Operations Manager at Paxful - Torii
Maarika Raudmäe
Head of Internal Tools

“Will there be a working day where there are no new tools discovered through Torii?”

Pipedrive logo - Torii
  • Torii’s offboarding provided efficiency and saved money for Pipedrive.
  • IT is now constantly updated on the usage of external tools.
  • No more manual processes.
“Torii has been instrumental in helping us regain control of SaaS spending and cut tremendous costs—something we weren’t able to do before.”
Maarika Raudmäe, Head of Internal Tools - Torii
Maarika Raudmäe
Head of Internal Tools

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