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Hired illuminates Shadow IT, simplifies its SaaS stack, and saves money with Torii

Customer Profile

Hired is a leading AI-driven solution that matches tech and sales talent with innovative companies. Founded in 2012 and backed by global HR leader The Adecco Group, it combines intelligent job matching with career counseling to help people find jobs they love.

Hired’s employees have helped over 3 million vetted candidates find new opportunities at more than 10,000 companies throughout the US, Canada, Ireland, and the UK, while saving those companies 45 sourcing hours per hire.


Efficiency and accuracy are part of Hired’s DNA and core to their operations. They’re what enable customers to quickly find dream jobs and dream candidates. However, when it came to managing their growing cloud application stack, manual processes and incomplete data made time and monetary savings hard to come by.

“We had a lot of SaaS applications but no good data on exactly which ones they were, who was using them, how they were billed, and when licenses would renew,” said Michele Chan, Hired’s Senior Manager of IT Operations. “Our information was in outdated spreadsheets. It was hard to keep up, especially when Vettery acquired Hired and the number of people in our company increased by 35% while our SaaS app stack grew.”

Hired often spent several weeks per SaaS contract identifying the owner and reviewing terms. This left little to no time to evaluate the need for the app, resize or terminate the contract.

“We wasted too much time on manual processes, including onboarding and offboarding, and too much money on unused licenses and unnecessary renewals,” Chan said. “We needed to uncover Shadow IT to get visibility into all our SaaS apps, understand utilization so we could right-size licenses, and automate processes.”

Why Hired Chose Torii

Hired conducted extensive Proof of Concepts with four SaaS Management Platform (SMP) solutions. Torii came out far ahead.

According to Chan, “Torii was hands-down better than other SMPs. It found all the applications we had, including ones we didn’t even know about. Its data was completely accurate, so our IT, finance, and security teams could count on it to make the right decisions. Torii was also much better at understanding spend and giving us a full picture of our SaaS landscape.”

Chan was especially impressed with Torii’s unique Browser Extension, which captures endpoint actions in real-time. “Torii’s Chrome Extension is incredibly valuable. It makes it easy for us to discover Shadow IT SaaS, even when people aren't using their company email or Slack to log in. It was also an enormous help as we integrated all our systems to become one company under the Hired brand.”

She added, “We got value from Torii on day one. Its out-of-box integrations were a snap and enabled us to get insights right away.”

How Torii Helps Hired

Complete Visibility and Accurate Data

When Hired first connected Torii, they were surprised to discover 300 SaaS tools – which was about three times more than they thought they had.

Chan said, “Torii’s Chrome Extension tells us exactly what we have in our stack. It’s all right there for us to see. Having this information in real time helps us stay on top of Shadow IT, and see who is using what tool and how often. We no longer chase people to find owners and ask what they’re doing with apps.”

Hired’s new-found understanding also helps give voice to employee needs. “We can now give people an opportunity to be more vocal about what they want, instead of them signing up for applications that may not be as useful or cost-effective.”

Accelerates Offboarding & Onboarding

Like many companies experiencing the Great Resignation, Hired has to devote time to offboarding people from SaaS tools. Instead of taking a half-hour to manually offboard a former employee – and make sure they can’t access company data – it now takes less than 5 minutes.

Chan explained it this way: “Torii’s automated workflows make offboarding fast and easy. There’s no second-guessing about whether it was done. There’s one workflow, no questions, and a complete audit trail.” Now that the company is increasing hiring, it’s planning to enhance its onboarding workflows as well.

Saves Money on Licenses and Duplicate Applications

With data on license renewals readily accessible and 90-day reminders given to IT and app owners, Hired can proactively decide what actions to take on contracts. “Torii’s app discovery and built-in integrations help us better understand our tech stack and license utilization. We make better business decisions on how to consolidate and eliminate redundant apps and cut costs,” Chan said. “It saves us a lot of guesswork and provides the justification needed for removing licenses.”

For example, by identifying employees whose Zoom meetings typically last less than 40 minutes, Hired was able to switch them to Zoom Basic under their Enterprise plan instead of allocating a licensed seat. And by surfacing how often people were using LastPass, Hired was able to right-size the contract, reducing the cost by 38%.

Michele Chan
Hired’s Senior Manager of IT Operations
"Torii’s Chrome Extension tells us exactly what we have in our stack. It’s all right there for us to see. Having this information in real time helps us stay on top of Shadow IT.”

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