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Drive SaaS ROI with Cost-Saving Insights & Actions

SaaS spend shouldn't be mysterious. Uncover the costs and value of each app, eliminate wasted spend, remove redundant tech, and right-size contracts.

Get more out of your SaaS investments

By the numbers


Or more licenses are wasted
Source: ITAM Review
SaaS apps are added to the average tech stack every single month
Source: Torii Customer Data
of wasted SaaS licenses overlap with other apps
Source: ITAM Review

How much SaaS spend can you save? Increase your ROI with Torii.

The Torii Way: SaaS Savings Made Simple

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Your SaaS Spend HQ
Gain a complete picture of SaaS spend with one, unified view of SaaS expense, ERP, and contract data
Understand Your Costs
Only pay for what you need. Reduce SaaS spend by understanding app usage, adoption, and redundancies
high accuracy
Take Immediate Action
Easily act on cost-saving recommendations and benchmarks to reclaim and downgrade licenses, right-size contracts, and identity redundant tech.

Managed & Unmanaged Spend In One Place

Discover SaaS license spend across your sanctioned and Shadow IT portfolio by connecting multiple sources such as ERP, etc.

Managed & Unmanaged Spend - All in one Place
“Anywhere I go, any job I take, they’re likely going to hear me say
‘I need Torii’ because it’s part of my core observability and
SaaS management practices. It would be challenging for me to
work as efficiently without Torii.”
Lunchbox saved $430K in Licenses

Gian Luca D'Intino-ConteDirector of IT, Lunchbox


Measure App ROI

Get the complete picture by combining license cost data with user adoption data to maximize your SaaS impact and ROI

Measure App ROI

Automatic Chargeback

Native HRIS integrations allow you to flexibly analyze and map SaaS spend by business unit, application owner, software category, tool or any other number of parameters so you can make smarter spend decisions, faster

Automatic Chargeback

Auto License Reclamation

Instantly recover wasted licenses and program automated custom license reclamation rules with advanced workflows

Auto License Reclamation

Proactive Planning & Renewals

Eliminate surprise renewals and project SaaS spend so you can plan your future SaaS investments more effectively

Proactive Planning & Renewals

Identify Abandoned Licenses

Immediately find, trace, and manage any licenses of people that have left the organization based on multiple sources

Identify Orphaned Licenses

Immediate SaaS Savings on Day One

All the ways to save are instantly surfaced based on historical data retroactively

Immediate SaaS Savings on
Day One.svg.svg

Don’t just analyze SaaS spend, maximize your ROI

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Act & Automate
Create custom rules, communications, and automation to better manage your saas spend
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De-Risk with True Visibility
Don’t let anything fall through the cracks, put tasks and events such as new applications purchased on autopilot with custom workflows
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Eliminate SaaS Waste
Immediately reduce subscription costs by reclaiming unused or redundant licenses without a hassle

Customers Speak Louder

The Torii Difference Realized by our Customers

Discovered that the number of SaaS apps in use is 3x higher than they initially thought
Saved more than $1m a year on unused SaaS accounts
Cut hours spent on manual IT tasks by at least 75%
As a company, we work with a wide variety of apps. We needed to take better charge of the whole application stack. Torii played a huge role when our budget came around at the end of December
João Dobbin
Manager of Business Enablement
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When we started using Torii, it was truly the first time we’d had such clear visibility across SaaS applications. Torii gives our CFO and finance team visibility on the cost split related to SaaS
Uria Sherman
Global IT Director for Cloudinary
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With Torii, we could finally see every single SaaS tool we were using in the company. It enabled us to review their popularity and usage, determine which applications were redundant and which ones we could cut down.
Ron Peres
Sr. Director, Global Corporate IT & Information Systems
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See Torii in Action

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