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sennder Cuts Onboarding Time by 70%, Eliminates Runaway SaaS Costs

sennder Cuts Onboarding Time by 70%, Eliminates Runaway SaaS Costs - Torii

Customer Profile 

sennder is Europe’s leading road freight logistics partner, with 1,000+ employees and more than a million completed shipments. Shippers access its connected fleet of over 40,000 trucks to move their goods. The company’s proprietary technology digitizes, automates, and simplifies road logistics, and brings a new level of transparency, flexibility, and reliability to the industry. 


sennder’s brand is synonymous with simplicity, transparency and reliability. That’s why shippers and carriers depend on them. But when it came to sennder’s internal SaaS management logistics, these benefits were difficult to achieve. Manual processes and blind spots made it hard to work efficiently and control SaaS spend.

Their primary way of discovering the cloud applications in sennder’s ecosystem was through Google Workspace and single sign-on technology. But that didn’t catch everything. sennder’s IT and procurement teams had to spend countless hours digging, investigating any other new tools, whether they were using the licenses they had, and manually update the offboarded status of accounts individually. Painting a complete picture was virtually impossible. 

Onboarding new users was also time-consuming. The IT team had to devote two to four days every month to creating accounts, linking them to groups, sending welcome emails, and more. 

“SaaS can get out of control very quickly, with apps you don’t know about and unexpected spending,” said Joshua James, IT Operations Expert at sennder France. “It can be easy to miss applications, overlook accounts, and onboard employees who never use the tools you gave them. We needed to eliminate runway fees, save time and better manage our resources.”

Why sennder Chose Torii 

As sennder’s Infrastructure and Integration domain owner, Joshua’s job is to help provide the IT team with the tools they need to get things done, and to institute workflows and processes that make everyone’s work lives easiest.  

sennder had tools for integrating cloud apps and automating certain workflows, as well as for managing app contracts. However, even taken together, they didn’t provide the breadth or depth of capabilities sennder needed. They also meant that sennder employees had to swivel between several tools to handle different aspects of SaaS management. 

According to Joshua, “Torii provides all the SaaS management capabilities we need in a comprehensive, one-stop-shop solution. It discovers all corporate SaaS apps with its browser technology, has strong integrations, and great workflows and automation that simplify processes and save us a lot of time. Torii also identifies cost saving opportunities and makes it easy to act on them.” 

Joshua noted that, with all the benefits sennder has already achieved, they’ve only begun to scratch the surface. For instance, they’re eager to employ Torii’s App Owner and Procurement roles to accelerate operations and cost savings. With Torii’s Distributed SaaS Management Platform, IT teams can provide app owners with real-time visibility into their app’s usage and license utilization and enable them to take action regarding users, licenses, and contracts. Procurement gets all the information they need about contracts coming up for renewal, usage trends and costs, right at their fingertips, so they can better negotiate with vendors and eliminate wasted spend.

“Before Torii, we spent a lot of time on SaaS management tasks. Torii frees our IT team to focus on other strategic projects.” said Joshua.

How Torii Helps

Discovers the unexpected

Using Torii’s browser extension for Chrome – and soon, Torii’s extension for Microsoft Edge – sennder gains insights not only into the apps people are using that IT didn’t know about, but also where corporate data is found and stored. 

This ability to discover all the apps people use for work in real-time has been invaluable. “What surprises me most is the incredibly large quantity of apps that employees log into randomly,” said Joshua. “Having this information always accessible provides the foundation we need to effectively manage, integrate and control what apps we have and how much we spend on them.”

Reduces onboarding time by 70%  

sennder takes advantage of Torii workflows and integrations with apps such as BambooHR, Google Workspace and Jira to speed and simplify onboarding. 

“We don’t have to mentally prepare for the many onboarding tasks because Torii automates them. There’s no need to dedicate days every month just to onboarding. We can be much more spontaneous,” said Joshua. 

He explained, “We easily save 70% of our time because we no longer have to do manual onboarding. We don’t have to add people to Google groups or Slack channels when creating an account. We don’t have to go into Jira to onboard a user and then copy and paste from the ticket, since we can open a Jira ticket directly from within Torii. We no longer have to go into Bamboo to get updated job titles since Torii brings them in automatically.”

Offboarding happens like magic

Offboarding is much easier and isn’t in danger of falling through the cracks. Joshua said, “We can react to employment contracts ending, even when they happen suddenly, because Torii offboards the users for us. Although our team set up the workflows for offboarding, it still feels like magic!” 

He added, “We can’t always trust our HR system’s manually-dependent data, but we trust Torii’s connected decisions.” Torii automatically reads contract end dates and active status, suspends user access, and emails IT to notify the team about the offboarding. 

sennder also uses what Joshua calls “Torii’s clever tricks” such as its Salesforce workflow that suspends users if they’re inactive for a specified period of time, then prompting the user if they want to continue using the service.   

Illuminates and reduces SaaS spend

sennder uses a range of Torii’s ROI optimization features to get an accurate picture of their SaaS spend and take steps to minimize it, while still providing employees the tools they need to succeed. As an added bonus, according to Joshua, “Every action we take is auditable so we can prove what we’ve done, step by step.”

IT, procurement, and finance teams benefit from Torii’s integration with NetSuite to gain full visibility into SaaS spend. In addition, Torii’s chargeback feature breaks down SaaS license costs by departments and regions, making it easy for sennder to allocate expenses back to individual entities. The chargeback feature saves tens of hours every month, avoiding manually accessing, and cross-referencing users and applications with their respective offices. 

To reduce costs, they use license management workflows that determine when an employee last used an app, trigger warnings if they haven’t used it for a specified period of time, and remove their license if the user ignores the warning. 

Torii’s new recommendations engine helps sennder save money on apps such as Zoom, Asana, and Miro by suggesting actions they can take to reduce costs. For instance, sennder saved €30,000 by eliminating unused Zoom One Business licenses and downgrading users to the free Zoom Basic license when Torii revealed who wasn’t using Pro license features such as 40+ minute video conferences. 

Torii also highlights apps in sennder’s ecosystem that have overlapping or fully redundant functionality, comparing their usage trends and costs. “Torii is great for figuring out what apps people are using and identifying if there are better, cheaper alternatives,” said Joshua. 

Joshua James, IT Operations Expert, sennder France - Torii
Joshua James
IT Operations Expert at sennder France

“Torii gives us a central source of truth for all things SaaS, and control over our apps and expenses. I fully recommend Torii for its great SaaS detection, time-saving workflows, and comprehensive license cost-savings.”

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Use Cases: Application Discovery, Onboarding & Offboarding, Spend Management


  • Discovers all corporate SaaS apps in real-time
  • Reduces onboarding time by 70%
  • Offboarding happens “like magic”
  • Reduces SaaS spend, including €30,000 saved in Zoom licenses

SaaS Surprise: “When you dig into all the apps you didn’t know about, the people who weren’t offboarded, and the licenses that aren’t being used, the scale of unexpected SaaS spend can be quite large.” 

Favorite Torii Features: Workflows, Cost Savings Insights & Actions

“Torii gives us a central source of truth for all things SaaS, and control over our apps and expenses. I fully recommend Torii for its great SaaS detection, time-saving workflows, and comprehensive license cost-savings.”

Joshua James, IT Operations Expert, sennder France - Torii
Joshua James
IT Operations Expert, sennder France

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