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Cloudinary saves time and drives team productivity with Torii

“We save almost a day of work each week since moving to Torii. Workflows are essential to maximizing efficiency, and anyone can build them easily and quickly”

Uria Sherman

Cloudinary saves time and drives team productivity with Torii - Torii

Customer Profile

Cloudinary is a cloud-based visual media management platform that helps users more easily create, manage and deliver media assets across any browser, device and bandwidth — at scale.

Founded in 2012, Cloudinary is the visual media management solution of choice for nearly 1 million developers and 7,500 customers, including Neiman Marcus, NBC, Sony, Fiverr, Peloton and Under Armour.

The company has 300 employees worldwide with offices in the US, UK, Israel, Poland and Singapore.

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As a growing company, Cloudinary found it faced several key challenges with managing its many Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications.

Collaboration has always been the cornerstone of Cloudinary’s company culture, but as the workforce grew, promoting and enhancing alignment across SaaS usage required more time and attention. Cloudinary’s decision-makers knew that removing excessive SaaS tools would enable them to enhance digital collaboration across the company and save on the cost of any unnecessary licences.

With an enhanced SaaS management system in place, challenges around integration and access could also be addressed. The company needed a solution to enable it to become more agile and aligned around SaaS usage.

Another SaaS management challenge for Cloudinary was the lack of easy visibility over its SaaS usage. “As a leader, data is everything,” explains Uria Sherman, Global IT Director at Cloudinary. “Lack of visibility can equate to a lack of security and a lack of cost control.”

Prior to using Torii, Cloudinary was using another SaaS management service, but it did not provide the company with the level of data and control it wanted.

Cloudinary’s need for a more agile SaaS management solution led Uria to Torii.

How Torii Helped

For Uria, visibility, security and continuity were key factors in opting for Torii.

“We don’t want to question employees about their SaaS use in order to understand which licenses should or shouldn’t be renewed,” says Uria Sherman. “With Torii in place we have visibility over all that information, plus the ability to manage licences and create automation around contract renewals. And from a security standpoint, we have visibility without interrupting people’s everyday workflow, which is great for productivity.”

Since moving to Torii, Uria says that Cloudinary has benefitted in a number of ways:

1. Significant time savings

Uria estimates that he is saving up to a full day of work each week since moving to Torii, thanks to its automation and governance features.

2. Cut costs while ensuring consistency

By managing and restricting the use of unnecessary SaaS, the company was able to use the best SaaS available, cut out the drag of unnecessary SaaS costs and align SaaS usage across its teams. By using Torii, not only did the company benefit from increased alignment and productivity across its workforce, it also saved on all the unnecessary licence fees around excess SaaS.

3. Easier team collaboration

Using Torii as its SaaS management tool has enabled Cloudinary to consolidate SaaS usage for easier collaboration across all teams throughout its 300-person workforce.

4. Simple, automated SaaS management

Rather than continuously running manual checks around SaaS usage, Cloudinary streamlines SaaS with Torii’s application catalog, ensuring that employees only use company-approved SaaS. In terms of security and cost, it’s a win-win scenario. People at the company have access to the SaaS they need to get their work done well, while Cloudinary’s leadership enjoys visibility and control over SaaS consumption, employee onboarding and offboarding, and more.

5. Access to critical app data

Torii empowers Cloudinary to use data, so the company can initiate internal discussions around SaaS – whether that’s at management level or within its relevant teams.

Uria Sherman - Global IT Director for Cloudinary
Uria Sherman
Global IT Director for Cloudinary
”When we started using Torii, we gained data-led information that enabled us to plan and prioritize our focus”, Uria Sherman adds. “We wanted to proactively govern what needs to be governed and pay for what needs to be paid. In the first two months of using Torii, we focused on the financial details around each SaaS product and which applications and licences were delivering value. We were able to make significant cost savings.”
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Reduction in overall IT work since implementing Torii

“When we started using Torii, it was truly the first time we’d had such clear visibility across SaaS applications. Torii gives our CFO and finance team visibility on the cost split related to SaaS.”

Uria Sherman - Global IT Director for Cloudinary
Uria Sherman
Global IT Director for Cloudinary

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