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Alongside Gartner Peer Insights, we surveyed 200 IT Managers, Directors, VPs, and CIOs to uncover the excitement, fear, and challenges for the modern IT professional.

Key findings include:

  • A story of optimism: 99% of IT professionals are proud of their work, and 94% feel appreciated by their company.
  • Disagreements between CIOs and lower-level IT pros on topics like poor spend visibility and application rationalization.
  • Top threats to success: cybersecurity (62%), identifying wasted cloud application spending (61%), technology lagging behind competitors (59%), and lack of alignment or collaboration (47%).
  • A wide chasm in SaaS spend visibility between CIOs and other IT roles: 75% of CIOs see it as a threat, compared to just 35% of Managers.
  • Application rationalization: only 15% of CIOs believe their organization has a strategic framework in place.

Curious about how IT professionals navigate today’s dynamic tech landscape? Read the report, explore the data, and find out where the future of IT is heading.

Distributed SaaS Management Empowers IT

Designed to bring all app owners to the SaaS table and allows IT to empower them to help manage SaaS onboarding, offboarding, and spending through delegation and automation.

Spend Management

Operational Efficiency


Central Visibility

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