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Alongside Gartner Peer Insights, we surveyed 200 IT Managers, Directors, VPs, and CIOs to uncover the excitement, headaches, and future of IT automation.

Key findings include:

  • Consistency over Speed: IT professionals value consistency (48%) more than speed (21%) in automation.
  • Automation Adoption is Lagging: Less than half of respondents have fully automated most tasks, and only 13% reported great success with automation.
  • Barriers to Automation Remain High: 64% of IT professionals cite a lack of tool education, and 58% cite insufficient staffing or time as major challenges in automation implementation.
  • Ease of Use is Paramount: Over half (54%) of IT professionals prioritize ease of use when evaluating new automation software.

Curious about what IT professionals use (or don’t use) with today’s automation? Read the report, explore the data, and find out!

Distributed SaaS Management Empowers IT

Designed to bring all app owners to the SaaS table and allows IT to empower them to help manage SaaS onboarding, offboarding, and spending through delegation and automation.

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