6 Steps to Optimize Costs on Cloud-Based Tools

6 Steps to Optimize Costs on Cloud-Based Tools - Torii

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Try answering these questions:

“How much do we spend on project management tools?”


“How many marketing automation tools do we have and how much do they cost?”

Not that easy, ha?

With the increase in the adoption of SaaS solutions across all kinds of organizations and lines of business, IT teams often find it difficult to:

  • Effectively manage their subscriptions and licenses
  • Keep track of which SaaS apps are actually being used and by whom
  • Quickly provide or revoke various employees’ access to apps
  • Streamline the cloud-based tools circulating in their organization

SaaS adoption creates a huge blind spot for IT while hours are spent on merely maintaining an updated inventory of tools, licenses and users.

To help you out, we’ve created a 6-step checklist that will help you optimize costs on your cloud-based business tools.

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