The SaaS Sprawl Response Guide:

Strategies for Managing Shadow IT and Harnessing AI in the Age of SaaS Proliferation

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How can you effectively manage shadow IT without stifling innovation?

Join us to uncover key strategies for managing the explosion of SaaS applications. Based on the Q1 2024 SaaS Benchmark Report by Torii, we’ll tackle the evolving face of shadow IT and the rising role of AI. Learn to regain control, enhance efficiency, and drive innovation in your IT operations.

Learn The Three Forms of SaaS Sprawl: Not all sprawl is the same. Learn about the different forms that it can take.

Cutting edge research: Get your free copy of the SaaS Benchmarks Report, filled with exclusive insights into SaaS adoption and management trends.

Shadow AI: Learn more about the proliferation of AI both for exciting innovation and possible security concerns.

Your Presenters

Uri Haramati - CEO & Co-founder, Torii
Uri Haramati
Co-founder and CEO, Torii
John Baker
Content and Digital Strategy, Torii

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Torii is the SaaS Management Platform built for IT. It empowers businesses to discover, optimize, and automate their entire SaaS stack.

Trusted by leading organizations and recognized as the top-rated SMP by G2 for SaaS Ops and SaaS Spend Management, Torii offers a centralized platform for managing SaaS applications, contracts, and spending, driving cost savings and efficiency. Its open API and developer community allow for customization and integration with other systems, ensuring a tailored solution for every organization.

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